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Bronze Bed

These are 15 or 20 minute beds and are the basic starter beds.

20 minutes

Silver Bed

These are bed 8 or 9 and are 12 minute beds.

15 minutes

Gold Bed

These are bed 1 or 7 and are a hotter bed than the Silver ones.

15 minutes

Platinum Stand-Up Bed

This is a 9 minute stand-up that you need to step up cautiously to.

10 minutes

Diamond High Pressure Bed

This is a bed in which you do 11 minutes and flip so the total tan time is 22 minutes. It bronzes the best and is okay for anyone to start in, even if you burn easily.

25 minutes

Mystic Spray Tan

The name says it all!

$30.07 · 10 minutes

Teeth Whitening

Takes about 45 minutes or longer and then you are done. We use a disposable prefilled tray with a light. Price is including tax.

$59.06 · 40 minutes

Spa Bed

25-30 Minute Sessions of heaven! These are a steam sauna bed with Infrared, colored lights, music, and vibrating massage in the mattress. You will love it!

$26.84 · 30 minutes

LED Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Session

This is a non-invasive LED Light Therapy which has multiple benefits. It helps remove acne, wrinkles, scars, uneven skin tone, reduces pore size in the skin, tightens and firms skin, and more!

$16.11 · 15 minutes


Janice Kuhlman