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Master Barber Haircut

Starting at $40 · 30 minutes

Beard Trim & Tune Up

$35 · 30 minutes

Haircut & Head Massage

Master Haircut & Head Massage

$50 · 30 minutes

Hot Lather Shave

Hot Lather Towel Shave

Starting at $50 · 30 minutes

Children Haircut

Children Under 12

Starting at $30 · 30 minutes

Haircut & Hot Lather Shave

Full Service Haircut & Shave

Starting at $85 · 1 hour

Full Head Shave

Full Head Shave

Starting at $50 · 30 minutes

Hair Color

Hair Color

Starting at $60 · 30 minutes

Regal Treatment

Haircut Shampoo Shave Facial & Scalp Massage

Starting at $125 · 1 hour

Haircut & Beard Trim W/Clipper

Haircut & Beard Trim w/Clipper

Starting at $65 · 30 minutes


George Jacob started his career at his father's shop more than 30 years ago. A Master of The Trade, his competency goes beyond the traditional scissors over comb and razer; ever seamless in his transition as he styles and massages b/w haircut & shave.


Sam Jacob started his career in his father's shop more than 25 years ago. A Master who's passion is to match his scissors speed to his clipper's motion! Get the sophistication or trendy look your occasion demands with Sam.


Joe “Woody” Wood started his trade in college cutting his friends hair for fun! Later, he attended Mildred Ellie Barbering school and winning the Best Barber of the Year Award. Woody believes that perfection comes from the inside. Your complete satisfaction is Guaranteed with Regal Master Barber Woody...