Baby Blessings 3D 4D Ultrasound Studio

At Baby Blessings 3D/4D Ultrasound, we are a family owned business and believe there is no greater joy than the beginning of new life. We are dedicated to providing parents-to-be, families, and friends with a unique bonding experience and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!
Our studio is equipped with state of the art technology and an experienced staff that will provide you with clear and vivid 3d/4d ultrasound images in a comfortable, family-oriented environment! In addition, you will see your baby live and in HD on a big screen television for your viewing pleasure. Our facility is conveniently located at 10 W. 3rd Street in Danville, IL which is just a 1/2 mile north of Interstate 74 on Gilbert Street behind Taco Bell, directly across the street from Aldi.
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Our Services

No Worries Heartbeat Monitoring
No Worries Heartbeat Monitoring (9 weeks +) Listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Receive a fetal heartbeat image. See your baby during this traditional 2D ultrasound session
Heartbeat PLUS
Heartbeat monitoring session of baby in traditional 2D with thermal prints of both heartbeat doppler and baby profile. Session includes choice of any regularly priced heartbeat animal ($35 Value). Perfect for any stage of pregnancy 10 weeks or after.
Gender Determination (14 weeks +)
15-20 Minute Imaging Session. View and listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Includes multiple prints Free 3D/4D Sneak Preview! ***Triple your money back guarantee on gender determination for babies 16 weeks of gestation or later in the form of a professional newborn photo shoot through Peaceful Images Photography
3D/4D Ultrasound Session with Pictures
Includes 30 Minute 2D/3D/4D Imaging Session, view and listen to baby's heartbeat and watch your little one live. Minimum of 8 thermal prints including one fetal heartbeat doppler print and comparative side by side 2D to 3D image. *Shy baby guarantee* If baby is hiding face during session you will be invited back for a free visit.
Gender Determination Deluxe
Gender determination complete with multiple pictures, heartbeat monitoring, 3D & 4D Preview, and unlimited return visits for only $40 each visit. Complementary CD of all pictures from every session is included as our gift to you anytime during or after your 3rd visit. (3 visits minimum for free CD $20 value) ***Double your money back guarantee on gender determination for babies 16 weeks of gestation or later in the form of a professional newborn photo shoot through Peaceful Images Photography
Midweek Special 3D/4D (Wednesdays Only)
Enjoy bonding with your baby at an incredible value! During this once a week special you will see your baby live in 3D/4D and traditional 2D with the opportunity to watch and listen to your baby's heartbeat as he or she plays in the womb. You will receive several keepsake thermal prints to capture the memories and the opportunity to add custom upgrades to your experience. Due to the extremely discounted rate of the midweek special, additional coupons and discounts can not be applied during this session.
Customized Memories/Enhance Your Experience
Simply mention any of these when scheduling or upon arrival and we will be glad to assist you in creating the keepsake memories that you and your family will cherish for years to come. $15 Choice of Keepsake Heartbeat Recorder OR Customized Key Chain with picture of baby. $20 Choice of CD containing up to 100 Digital images or DVD of Session. Do both for only $25! $25 Customized Handcrafted Stainless Steel Full Color Keepsake Ornament with your choice of 2D/3D photo $35 Choice of heartbeat animal with keepsake recorder containing your baby's heartbeat. $35 Permanent Full Color Stainless Steel Picture collage with stand includes your choice of any 5 images during the session. $40 Double your bonding time with baby & Double Prints

Our Staff

Ted & Heidi Cano