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Mens salon and barbershop dedicated to elevating the standard of mens grooming.
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Our Services

Mens Haircut
Haircut with optional hot towel facial cleanse, zen wash and scalp treatment, blow-dry and style, nose hair removal by wax
Mens Haircut w/beard trim
Haircut and beard service. With optional Hot towel facial cleanse, Zen wash and scalp treatment, blow-dry and style, nose hair removal by wax
Hot Wet Shave
Cleansing cream is applied to clean excess oils and dirt from the face. Massage creams with beard softeners are applied. Up to 5 hot steamed towels are applied between each step. Art of Shaving essential pre shave oil, and shaving cream are applied as a Master barber shaves you to perfection under hot steam! Finished with a face mask, hot towel to cleanse, cold towel to seal the pores, and a rehydrating cream. Treat yourself to a longer lasting, and relaxing shave
Black Mask Facial
Cleansing creams, and lemon infused hot towels to clean the face initially. Charcoal infused face mask absorbs impurities on the skins surface, as well as absorbs excess dirt and oils from deep within the skins pores. Removing blackheads, and minimizing the appearance of pores on the face. Giving you a smoother brighter look, to go with your fresh new haircut!
Mens Student haircut (with student ID)
Haircut for students in college and high school. Must present Student ID
Mens Student haircut with beard trim (with student ID)
Haircut with beard trim for students in college and high school. Must present Student ID
Child Haircut (under 12)
Beard Shaping only
Outline, shape, and grooming of beard only
Shape up of haircut only
Outline of existing haircut
Shape up of haircut and beard
Outline the haircut as well as trim and shape the beard
Teeth Whitening
Guaranteed 2-4 shades brighter, however many experience even better results!

Our Staff

Daniella Vega
Daniella is an innovative barber/stylist and make-up artist. She takes great pride in her craft, skills, and the artistry behind her services. Daniella is our newest addition and is available for special Apprentice pricing!
Jonathan Vincson
Jonathan is a master barber/stylist fully capable of achieving any style in mens hair. Jonathan has worked, as a platform artist and educator, at some of the countries leading Hair Shows from Vegas to NYC. He is now focused on elevating the standard in mens hair with us! Jonathan takes pride as a master in his craft, and in his extensive styling and product knowledge. He loves to give the community of men the finest grooming experience available in town. Jonathan is highly sought after... Book now, he books fast!
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