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My journey to holistic medicine began in 2013. I changed my health drastically and feel like a 20 year old in a 40 year’s body. Nutrigenomics is the science of using nutrient-rich supplements to impact your gene expressions. My genetics were being hijacked due to my poor diet and prescription medication use. My journey involved a transition from Western Medicine to Holistic Alternative therapies for the best therapeutic effect. Let me help you understand your symptoms, disease, prescription medications and alternative therapy options. There is a way to improve your health by incorporating alternative natural therapies and reduce the need for prescription medication. I learned over the years the significant side effects and symptoms that arouse from my prescription medications. The medications made my health progressively worse until the point of crisis. Don’t wait until you are in a health crisis. Let me help you find the way to heal naturally.
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Our Services

Discovery Call
Free 45 minute Call. Do you have IBS or Digestive issues? Do you want to eliminate the symptoms? Do you want to enjoy your life again without bloat? Do you want the Thrive? Let's chat and see if we make a good fit. I'm excited to talk to you.
Hypnosis Session 1 Session
(Pay in full with coaching package and save $417 on 10 sessions) Hypnosis help you tap into your mind to access the emotions that stop you from accomplishing your goals. These emotions and feelings can cause pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, illness and disease. Tapping into your emotions and learning strategies to tackle your fears is the key to transformation. This is for those that want to change their lives and take your health to the next level. You will leave each session with a clear understanding of your obstacle, how it affects your body, the symptoms that erupted and the change you want to make. We will develop a unique courses of action together each week. Let me help you reconnect with yourself: mind-body-soul.

Our Staff

Diane Vich
As a Holistic Health Coach, my mission is to help people heal naturally with holistic services to reduce symptoms, disease and illness. Your medical history doesn't have to be your fate. Let me help you op the bubble of symptoms, disease and illness.

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