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Bodyfuel - is a division of Berry Creatives (environmental nutrition and wellness consulting / education) was established by Sally Berry MA RDN driven by her passion for whole sustainable nutrition, active and healthy lifestyle boosting energy and body composition without feeling deprived. Sally provides Functional Nutrition, Lifestyle Changes to individuals and groups.
- Online & in-person
- Women's Restorative Nutrition & Lifestyle
- Food Sensitivities - Certified LEAP
- Board Certified in Sports
I'm here to help you meet your goals! Located on the west coast or anywhere from your phone or internet.
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11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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Our Services

Introductory Call
I would like to hear from you! Ask me your questions - see if you want to learn how to improve your lifestyle.
Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle 3 Months
This is 3 months of personalized nutrition with Sally Berry MA RDN. You will book appointment time for the initial 60 minute assessment. This is a 3 month intensive personalized program of functional nutrition. It includes the initial assessment, 2 week follow up, 1 month follow up, 2 month follow up and 3 month follow up. Total 18 medical units and up to 6 hrs of practitioner's time. We will discuss your personal history, medical records, lab tests, nutrition and diet, nutrient deficiencies and support through the 3 month time frame developing your personalized plan and adjustments to increase your energy, improve cognition, body composition, fertility, lifetime aging while decreasing bloat, fatigue. Lab testing (may be covered by insurance) is not in this service package.
Personalized Follow Up Consultation
This is for those checking in following the completion of the initial 3 month of services. This 45 minute consultation will review past successes, challenges, current lab work while developing new goals. Monthly check-in will assist with long term compliance increased energy improved wellness and slow aging.
Annual Check-In
Annual Check-in is the perfect way to keep up to date on your nutritional status and to prevent any chronic conditions to internally develop without your knowledge! This service is for established clients only. This visit includes: - Annual questionnaire history interpretation - Annual Micronutrient testing (separate from service fees and may be insurance covered ) - Interpretation and nutritional / lifestyle support based on your current testing. - Consultation 45 minutes with Sally to go over results and give nutritional support based on findings.

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Sally Berry