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Online Consult, Current Patients

The session will include a 30-minute conversation with the practitioner which will cover any symptoms you currently have and are hoping to address, in addition to recommendations via acupressure, herbs, diet and lifestyle (including breathing exercises and self-acupressure). This is a great way for those whom are unable to come into the office to assess their condition and any modifications that they can make. Mailing of herbs may be possible. All recommendations and applicable resource links will be e-mailed to you after the session.

$35 · 30 minutes

Acupuncture, Follow-Up

45-minute acupuncture treatment designed for current patients or new patients that have already had an online intake and consult. Includes use of warming TDP lamp and 10 minutes of stationary and/or moving cupping if necessary.

$85 · 45 minutes

Online Consult, Facial Rejuvenation

During this time, it may not be possible to meet in person. However, that does not mean that your face has to suffer or feel neglected! This session includes a consultation regarding the state and health of your face, along with recommendations that can be used at home to help bring out the vibrancy in your skin, such as products, acupressure and facial massage techniques, herbs and supplements. One-on-one facial gua sha and cupping demos will also be included so that you can self-administer the "Gua Sha Facials" yourself and come out of quarantine looking stunning!

$50 · 35 minutes

Intake & Consultation, New Patients (Online)

35 minute intake and consultation with the practitioner, to go over past and current concerns or complaints. The time will allow for a thorough discussion of health history as well as design of a treatment strategy. This is for all new patients and is a way to decrease contact time while improving comfort, by allowing practitioner and patient to meet each other online first. Patients, in the message section, please make sure to include your email as well as preference for a Zoom or FaceTime call for the intake and consult.

$45 · 35 minutes


Dr. Sarah Alemi, DAc