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FDA approved treatments of Strawberry Laser Lipo. We focus on getting clients whom experience weight gain because of medical reasons. We try to get their waistline down to the American heart Association's recommendations for healthy waist girth.
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Our Services

Trial Session Mid Section
Pay for your FDA approved treatment and receive before pictures, before measurements, treatment on laser on entire abdomen, after pics, after measurements, 10 minutes on vibration plate. 1" guarantee, measurable results immediately
Trial Session: Thighs, Arms, Moobs , Back or Butt
FDA approved treatment which includes before pics, after pics, before measurements, treatment, after pics, after measurements, 10 minutes on vibration plate. Measurable results immediately after session
Delfin Butt Lift
This service is a Hollywood Favorite! It's a nonsurgical, noninvasive vacuum therapy that manipulates your existing fat and sculpts it into 'mounds' on your buttocks and/or hip area. Women LOVE that they can create round hips or make their booty 'pop' for the summer. We use Delfin Vacuum Therapy combined with laser lipo to sculpt your backside. Delfin butt lift has been featured on E!, US Weekly, Bravo etc. We treat the hips and butt simultaneously. We have a thorough consultation to make sure we achieve YOUR desired results. This lift has so many benefits because we manipulate your fat from your legs to another area; you will see smoother thighs, less cellulite on your butt and many have expressed that the 'cup' of their rear-end has improved because of the laser lipo. Results are immediate, however, multiple treatments are needed to achieve lasting results. Custom packages discussed at trial. As always...our services require no needles, no pain, and no downtime. See you soon!
Single Session Strawberry Laser Lipo
Single Session, no package purchased
Laser Lift (Face and neck area)
This service offers visible, immediate results. You can have an a tighter neck, less wrinkles and more voluminous skin with our combination of Strawberry Laser Lipo and Delfin Vacuum Therapy. We use vegan, cruelty free, PURE hyaluronic acid following a chin treatment of laser lipo. Then we smooth wrinkles and fine lines with Delfin therapy. Nonsurgical, noninvasive with no needles, no pain, no bruising and no downtime. Custom packages available for permanent results.
Cellulite Therapy
Delfin Vacuum Therapy is an awesome way to smooth cellulite and break down fascia. First, we break down the contents of the fat cell, then we use the Delfin to smooth out the affected area. Results are immediate, but require several treatments to make permanent.
Treatment for existing client for any service
Once you have purchased your package of treatments, you may now schedule your sessions.

Our Staff

I am so excited to give you FDA approved Strawberry Laser Lipo. We help people that gained weight because of medical reasons, those whom need to be 'make tape' and those that will experience health risks if they do not lose weight. I know the challenges faced by Type 1 Diabetes, c-sections, aging etc because I am going through it too. I get really excited about others' success so whether you want to tighten with Delfin therapy, lose inches with SLL or increase in your personal growth by investing in ownership; I look forward to helping you. I truly believe in celebrating every little victory on your goal journey. I started this company to help women and men feel good about themselves with nonsurgical, noninvasive, REAL results. Too often, we spend money on 'results not typical'... let's change that. Do you want to add Strawberry Laser Lipo to your service list? Email me and let's get the discussion started.