Beauty By Brenda

My business is to cater to anyone needing mani/pedis and any other beauty services. I am an Independent Contractor at My Beauty Bar Spa in Elk Grove, CA.

I also am able to TRAVEL TO TOU. If you don't have a car or are too busy to come to me I can always come to you! Make sure to contact me for prices BEFORE booking any traveling services.

*If you don’t see anything specific your looking for, you can always text or call the number provided. I do just about EVERY service they just aren’t all listed. Just state your name and your question and I will contact you back.*
10:15 AM - 7:00 PM
10:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Open today until 7:00 PM

Our Services

Acrylic Full set
A full set with acrylic - this only includes regular nail polish
Nail fix
This is for soaking off any leftover product, such as dip powder acrylic and gel.
Acrylic full set with incapsulation
This will be a full set with a thin clear base, incapsulating any color or design within the nail topped off with a clear acrylic top. A different DESIGN incapsulation will determine a different price.
Acrylic full set with nail forms
A full set with acrylic extended the nail with nail forms NOT nail tips - this only includes regular nail polish
Acrylic overlay
This service is an overlay of acrylic on your natural nail ONLY, If you would like to extend it, it will be charged as a FULL SET.
Acrylic fill-in
Filling in your new growth with just acrylic - only regular polish
Builder Gel Full Set
This is a nail extension service using builder gel and not acrylic. This is a thinner consistency versus the acrylic product.
Builder gel overlay
This is an overlay of builder gel on your natural nail. Any nail extension would be considered a full set.
Builder gel Fill-in
Fill in service for your new growth if you already have builder gel on.
ADD-ON - Diamonds or Bling
The complete price will be determined by your design, which can be discussed at your appt.
ADD-ON - Extra nail designs
This will be discussed at the appt. The services include Chrome nails Foil Designs Hand designs on more than ONE finger per hand.
ADD-ON - Gel polish
Gel Polish instead of regular polish
Express Manicure
This is an express manicure. This gives you a nail trim and cuticle cleaning and regular nail polish.
Basic Manicure
This Manicure includes all your cleanly needs - Nail trimming and cuticle cleaning and includes a massage.
Gel Manicure
The gel manicure is all your basic manicure needs along with a massage and a hand mask with gel polish.
Express pedicure
This includes a cuticle clean, callous scrub and polish - NO MASSAGE
Basic Pedicure
This includes a cuticle clean, callus treatment and massage. This is with regular polish.
Supreme Pedicure
You get to indulge in a hour long pedicure with your basic necessities being your cuticle cleaning, massage and regular nail polish. You get to experience our electric callus treatment removing any unwanted callus or dried skin leaving your feet smooth and clean.
This will be a full face application WITH your choice of false eyelashes - glitter & Smokey eye looks will be an extra 10.
Eye Make-Up
This is eyebrow and eyeshadow application ONLY Eyelashes are available for an extra $10
Hair coloring consultation
This service is for hair color consultation ONLY. Any hair appointments will personally be booked by Brenda. This consultation should not take no more than 20 minutes. During consultation we will determine your desired look, how long the process will be to get to your desired look. All hair services include a complimentary trim and blowdry. We will book a date for your appt and there will be a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.
Women Hair cut
Short hair * no longer thank collar bone length - 20 Medium hair * no longer than your mid back - 25 Long hair * 35 or more depending on the length
Color change + file down
Color change - regular polish

Our Staff

Brenda Nhek