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Service Visit

Whether you are home, at the office, or somewhere in between, we'll come to you when you need quality technology assistance!

Starting at $89 · 1 hour

Data Recovery/Backups

Have an expert help you recover lost, deleted, or corrupted files. Your important data might not be gone forever.

Starting at $89 · 1 hour

Malware Removal

Have an expert locate and remove all traces of malware spyware, adware etc., and restore your system to secure state.

Starting at $79 · 1 hour

Hardware Repairs

We service all brands of computers; call: 608.618.3241 for any specific questions

Starting at $69 · 1 hour


Need assistance installing or setting up your new technology? We can help you with everything from computers, printers, routers, tablets, & phones!

Starting at $69 · 1 hour

Device Training

Whether you want to learn how to use a specific piece of technology, or a program or feature on a device, we've got you covered! We will create a personalized training session, oriented around your areas of choice

Starting at $59 · 1 hour

Remote Computer Support

The Convenience Of Quickly Having A Specialist Remotely View The Issue And Help You Resolve it Immediately.

Starting at $49 · 1 hour


Any diagnostic cost will be waived if serviced

$39 · 1 hour


Josiah Lecleir