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Our Services

Fade Cut
A clipper cut with hair length longer than a 1 guard and cut without shears, clippers only. Includes our signature shampoo and scalp massage.
Short Style
A haircut that is sculpted and contoured with both clippers and shears. Includes our signature shampoo and scalp massage. Skin Fades, Zero Fades, Pompadour and Contour Cuts requires both sheers and clippers. These styled cuts require more attention to detail.
Buzz Cut
Buzz Cut is a hairstyle that is cut short using only electric clippers. No sheers. This service is a fast chair visit.
Long Style
Any haircut with hair length starting below the earlobe using shears or combination of shears and clippers. Bob and Lob Haircuts, Shag Hair Styles, Long Style with and without layers.
Ear & Nose waxing
Quick and long lasting removal of unattractive ear & nose hair were razors don't dare go . $ 18 a la carte
Vanishing Monobrow
Removal of monobrow with hard wax $13.00 a la carte
Brow waxing
Shaping of bushy brows a la Carte $18
M.E.N. waxing
mono brow , nose and ear waxing
Beard Trim
Get your beard groomed with shears or electric clippers. $10-$20
Neck Trim
Get your neck cleaned up with electric clippers or razor. $10-$20
Bang Trim
Get your bangs trimmed. $10-$20
Makeover/Style Change
THIS ADD ON SERVICE IS RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T HAD A HAIRCUT IN 5+ MONTHS. This is for the client who needs a complete make over which usually consist of actual 2-3 haircuts in 1 setting. 1) the Bulk 2) the Shaping 3) the Detailing. May require a rinse / conditioning for additional amount, as recommended needed. THIS OPTION IS NOT SUGGESTED FOR THOSE WANT TO CHANGE THE STYLING OF THEIR HAIR BUT REMOVING BULK.
Shaved Design
Any design shaved into the hairstyle using clippers and/or stencils. Price per consultation.
Razor Shave
Good old fashion hot towel shave. By Appointment Only.
This service is recommended for those who want to leave with a finished style such as a blowout on a longer style haircut and/or looking for a very defined style for a special occasion, an interview or professional head shot. $5-$15

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