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Our Services

This service includes, any barbershop style haircut , hot towel hot lather razor edge up , blow dry and style, finished off with a splash of old school after shave . " Feel the Burn !!”
Haircut and Traditional Hot Towel Shave
Full service haircut paired with a traditional hot towel shave.
Haircut and Beard Shape up
Full service haircut and beard shape up. Along with the beard shape up this service includes a straight razor edge up around the cheeks and neck. Hot towels, pre shave products are used to prep the skin before the lineup, then finished with post shave products to disinfect and hydrate the face.
Beard Shape Up
Barber will trim your beard and mustache down to your desired length , edge up the beard and mustache with neck trimmers , then finish the final details with a straight razor , hot towels, hot lather , after shave , post shave moisturizer , and beard oil if desired .
Beard Edge UP
This is a 15 minute service used to freshen up a " Beard lineup" Barber will edge up cheek line and throat line with clippers. If you would like a hot towel and straight razor service and your beard and mustache require length removed or possibly a reshape , please book our 30 minute "Beard Shape Up"
Traditional Hot Towel Shave
American Barbershop straight razor shave includes a half hour of pampering in a traditional, masculine ,barbershop setting . The shave consists of hot towels , hot lather, a variety of shave oils and after shaves, and ends with post shave moisturizers .
Head Shave
Barbers will use a variety of shave oils, hot lather, and hot towels to soften the hair and keep the skin safe from any irritation during and after the shave.

Our Staff

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