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Short Consultation

Wanna meet us first? Sure! This is a short chat. We can talk about a cut, or just get a feel for the space. We'd love to meet you! For Color or Weddings, book that consultation specifically!

Free · 15 minutes

Cuts and Stuff 30 Minutes

Here is where Short, Established cuts (I've done this cut several times and we both know I do it in 30 minutes) This is also where we find Full Face Wax and a Bang Trim with a Brow Wax!

$37.50 · 30 minutes

Cuts and Stuff 15 Minutes

Short and Sweet! I know you, you know me, we're doing one quick upkeep thing. Line Up, Bangs Trim, Wax One Thing (brows, lip/chin)

$18.75 · 15 minutes

Cuts and Stuff 45 Minutes

This is where most Short Cuts on Normal Hair hang out. If we've never met or you've got really thick short hair or we do a lot of extra texturizing, or we do designs and stuff, you're gonna need 60 minutes. We can also do an Easy / Established Short Cut with Beard Work or a Brow Wax here. Or a Bang Trim and a Face Wax.

$56.25 · 45 minutes

Cuts and Stuff 60 Minutes

Most New Cuts for Short and Medium Start Here. I need time to get to know you and your hair! This is where Short and Thick, Short with Designs, Short with Beard Work, Medium Length with Normal Density, and Long, but Fine and Thin live. This is also a good place for a Short Cut and a Brow Wax!

$75 · 1 hour

Cuts and Stuff 75 Minutes

This is where most Long, Normal Density Cuts live. This is also a good place for a 45 minute Cut and a Full Face Wax. Doing a 60-minute Cut and want to add a Brow Wax? Here you go!

$93.75 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Cuts and Stuff 90 Minutes

Do you have a ton of hair? Then this is your spot! Really Long or Pretty Damn Thick (not both, that will push you into 120 Minutes). This is also a good spot for a 60-minute Cut and a Full Face Wax or a 75-minute Cut and a Brow Wax.

$112.50 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Cuts and Stuff 120 Minutes

This is where lots of hair lives. Really long and thick. This can also be a longer length cut and a Full Face Wax.

$150 · 2 hours

Color, Cleansing, Reconstruction, Conditioning Consultation

All Chemical Services begin here. We offer Color, Deep Cleasing, Reconstruction, and Deep Conditioning Services. But they all start with a consultation! Come in, let's meet and make a plan!

Free · 30 minutes

Wedding Consultation

We love weddings! Star Studio is a fun place to start that all-important prep for your super cool wedding! Wedding parties are billed at $109 per hour per stylist. Need the magic to come to you? We can do that! On-site work requires a $109 plus mileage travel fee added to the service costs of the event. We will discuss all the ins and outs of your big day at your consultation!

Free · 30 minutes

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