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Curb-Side Pickup Request [10 Min] (Aquaria Masters)

Made a purchase last visit, just need to pickup an order? Select this service option to schedule your "Curb-Side Pickup" request. Once confirmed we will bring your order/requested items out to your vehicle "Curb-Side" at your chosen timeslot. Perfect option if you do not need to come inside, skip the line, or just want to have it brought to your vehicle. This is NOT an appointment to visit us in-store. If you need to visit in-store please choose "In-store" appointments. All late arrivals past 15 min after your confirmed curb-side appointment will be canceled/marked as no-show, and you will need to reschedule a new request from our system.

Free · 10 minutes

In-Store Appointment EXPRESS (15 Min)

Need an EXPRESS visit under 15 minutes? Then this is your service, perfect for Testing H2o, picking up supplies/dry-goods, and quick/express visits to our "In-store" retail location. Please note that EXPRESS visits do NOT qualify for Live Aquaria collections, New tank start ups, or Extended questions that would be better reserved under 30min-1hr requests. This Request Is For "In-Store" Appointments Only. If you just need to pickup your items/orders, please use the "Curb-Side Request" option.

Free · 15 minutes

In-Store Appointment (30-Min)

Perfect for new consultations, general questions, h20 testing, Live Aquaria shopping, & more! Get what you need out of each In-Store visit to Aquaria Masters! This is our "Standard Appointment" choice that covers it all.

Free · 30 minutes

In-Store Appointment (1-Hr)

New consultations, general questions, h20 testing, & more! Everything you needed from a 30 min appointment, just with more time! Get what you need out of each In-Store visit to Aquaria Masters!

Free · 1 hour


Josh B.

Owner of Aquaria Masters, Joshua is experienced in Tropical Freshwater, Saltwater, Marine, Coral, Reef, Brackish, Ponds, & Semi-Aquatic Amphibians. With over 35 years of combined aquarist knowledge, and still always learning every day! Currently exploring speciality exotic aquatics like Tropical Freshwater Stingrays, Arowana, Discus, & Designer Tropical Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp just to name a few. Josh truly believes in supporting the aquarist, and continuing the Retail Tropical Fish Trade for years to come.