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Current Customer - Rescheduling

If you are a current customer and just checking in to see if there's a convenient open position or if you need to actually reschedule please choose this option and nothing will be affected except for you'll get a reminder notification by whatever means you choose, if you would like to. Thank you for using this service and please let me know how it goes, the only way for me to know is with feedback from you! :)

Free · 1 hour

Music Lesson

Music Lessons from Zeke Kyoku, formerly Marco Garcia! Please include availability in the notes section when checking out. I play many instruments at many levels, feel free to ask if your instrument isn't on the list. I charge per session due to different lesson lengths depending on the student. This cost includes 30 minutes - 2 hours of instruction per session at my discretion. 45 minutes is what lessons end up leveling out at, although they typically start out a little longer just to take the time to get to know them and what they want. I currently have a multiple child discount if you schedule your children for the same day, and pay for them both at one time. Basically, for each additional child you will receive a 50% discount per child after the first child at full price. This is the price for one month of weekly lessons. (3-5 weeks) Additional people or siblings are half price, so a family of 3 is $400 because $200+$100+$100 is $400.

$200 · 1 hour

Multiple Person Discount

This is only valid if you also purchase a Music Lesson at the same time. This is only valid if all people are scheduled on the same day one after the other. The service is same as the Music Lesson description. I allot around an hour for most kiddos especially when there is no travel time between students. This is the cost for weekly lessons for one month of lessons. (3-5 weeks)

$100 · 1 hour

Group Lessons

This is for individuals who are participating in a group lesson. These are generally done when individuals are starting at the same time and need a little encouragement with their friends. Eventually, I recommend moving to private lessons. This is simply because people learn at a different rate and private lessons respect everyone's time the most. This price is for weekly lessons for one month. These are generally about an hour per session, although the more people there are the longer it can take. I recommend 2-4 people. Above that, I recommend a group private theory lesson, followed by short private lessons of around 10 minutes each. While the private lessons are happening, the group does exercises together or reviews information either through a game or through talking depending on the age and whimsy of the group. This allows people to have several different instruments since the private lessons focus on your questions and instrument specific things, and everyone uses essentially the same theory!

$125 · 1 hour


Zeke Kyoku