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Our Services

Miscellaneous Appointment
To check in with a skin care routine, ask about products, play with makeup in a supervised capacity (as in, we'll give you advice!), etc.
Initial Brow Shaping
Brow Touchup
Brow Touchup & Tint
Initial Skin Care Session
An hour-long consultation to determine the best possible routine for your skin. Includes an individualized skin treatment and thorough analysis of your skin concerns. Please bring any products you are currently using to your appointment. For adolescents, students, teachers and seniors a 20% discount is applied.
Extraction Emergency!
Keep calm and come in for extractions! Whether it's a single vexing pore or some blackheads on your nose, it's never a good idea to attack them when you're stressed out. I'll get what I get out of your pores (in 15 minutes) gently FOR you.
Skin Treatment (NO extractions)
For when you need a quick glow! A mild AHA treatment will dissolve all dead skin, stimulate collagen, plump up skin and make lines less obvious. No down time!
Skin Treatment (w/ extractions)
This treatment uses gentle exfoliating acid to dissolve dead skin plus extractions to remove blackheads, milia and comedones. Each treatment is suited to your individual skin type and seasonal concerns. For college students, WCPSS teachers, adolescents <15 and seniors 75+ a 20% discount is applied
Treatment (w/extractions) + Brow Touchup
Treatment (w/extractions) + Brow Tint + Touchup
While you receive your skin treatment and extractions your brows can be tinted then following the peel, shaped to perfection.
Hand Peel (Add-on)
Have some age spots you want to fade and/or dry hands that needs exfoliation and collagen stimulation? Try this! Fall/Winter is a great time of year to accomplish hand rejuvenation!
Chest Peel
To help fade sun damage or help control breakouts, a combination of salicylic acid and/or trichloracetic acid is applied and pore extractions are performed. Some peeling may occur over the next two weeks. The result will be a smoother, more even-toned appearance. For students, teachers, adolescents and seniors a 20% discount is applied.
Fuzzy Wax (add-on)
Under brow or lip wax added onto a service
Full Facial Wax
Waxing of lip, chin and cheeks
BEauty Bundle
Save $15 with a Bundled Appointment! Includes Peel (with or without extractions), Brow Shaping and Makeup application (for existing clients). For college students, WCPSS teachers, adolescents <15 and seniors 75+ a 20% discount is applied
BEginner Bundle
Save $30 when you Bundle!!! For new clients, this appointment combines an initial skin care consultation + individualized skin treatment + a brow shaping + a makeup lesson! Everything you need to get started on the BE philosophy of a great beauty routine--one that's effective, efficient and makes you feel like your best self. For college students, WCPSS teachers, adolescents <15 and seniors 75+ a 20% discount is applied
Custom Palette Creation Session
Want a palette that has a powder, two blushes and three shadows customized JUST for you? Of course you do! (Service price includes your complete palette!)
Complete Makeup Lesson
Learn the latest styles and makeup artist tricks to create the exact look you want--in the amount of time you want to take! Feel free to bring your own makeup to discuss. For college students, WCPSS teachers, adolescents <15 and seniors 75+ a 20% discount is applied
Special Event Makeup
Julie specializes in natural-looking, weightless but long-lasting makeup for any special event. Check out her Pinterest page (link on to see her style. Brittany specializes in high drama, creative fashion makeup! So, we've got you covered either way.
Quick Makeup Application/Lesson
Need makeup in a hurry? No worries, Julie will get you in and out and you'll look fabulous
Makeup + Profile Photo
Want a better looking LinkedIn, Facebook or dating website photo that doesn't look like a sad mall studio portrait from the 80's? I can help you with that! I'm not billing myself as a professional photographer, but I have some skills and good lights, and most importantly hate getting pictures of MYSELF taken. So, I am sensitive to how hard it is to get one you actually like. I'll take a ton! And erase the ones where you're making weird faces, I won't even SHOW you those. The ones you like most (choose up to 5) will be retouched by a professional then I'll send them to you in two days. For college students, WCPSS teachers, adolescents <15 and seniors 75+ a 20% discount is applied
Custom Color Makeup Session
Bring in a color for us to match or let your creativity go wild, we can make a lip color, blush or cream eyeshadow for you and then we'll name it after you!
Online Consultation (15 minutes)
Don't live in the area but need advice about your routine or some expert troubleshooting for a skin, makeup or even eyebrow problem? Schedule below and make sure to include your phone number for Facetime or your email for Gchat, or Facebook Messenger name! Please have your current skin care routine (or makeup, as the case may be) available to show and discuss.
Lash Extensions--Full Set
Accent Lashes
When you want less than a full set! It will look so natural no one will even know, but your eyes will be mesmerizing!!
2-week Lash Extension Refill
Lash Extensions Mini Refill
Have a special event to attend or just want your lashes a little more fabulous before your next appointment? The Mini is the way to go! (Note: this is for clients returning 7-10 days after Accent Lashes, Full-sets or Refill sessions).
Lash Touchup
Removal of Lash Extensions
Ready to go back to natural? Book your removal! We use a gentle gel to break down the adhesives bonds of your extensions so your natural lashes aren't harmed.

Our Staff

Brittany Johnson
Jasmyn, our newest team member, has training in medical esthetics and is an expert at creating full, natural-looking lash extensions! We're so excited to have her on board.
Julia Hafer