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Our Services

Private yoga sessions provide individualized instruction to address your specific goals and needs. A practice that makes sense for your body and level of experience is a crucial part of truly reaping the benefits yoga has to offer. Bundle of three classes, $160.
A thorough assessment of your diet, body type, and lifestyle begins the process of identifying your current state and correcting imbalances through diet and lifestyle changes. We will focus on identifying the choices you are making that are creating those imbalances, empowering you to make lasting change. Specific treatments may be recommended to clear toxins and restore balance.
This full body treatment includes a warm, fresh ginger elixir that is compressed onto the lower and middle back, which helps dissolve stagnation, remove congestion, and increase energy flow. This is a wonderful treatment for energizing the kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs. It can also be used to address menstrual or menopausal issues, to enhance fertility, to relieve constipation and relieve stress to the lower back.
A traditional Ayurveda healing technique of using an herbal oil-soaked cloth which is placed on the forehead. This helps restore balance, release anxiety, depression, and insomnia and soothe mental tension, over exertion and frustration. Energy healing helps balance the flow of energy through the chakras enhancing well being and creating increased balance and harmony in the system and experience.
This unique, intuitive treatment blends Reiki, which is a type of energy healing that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind & spirit, with healing crystals and ancient sound vibrations. Psychic information from the akasha and other unseen realms is also activated. Thorough, deep relaxation allows both mind & body to rest & release stagnant energy and receive healing on all levels in just one session! The deeper work of restoring harmonious flows, correcting long or short term imbalances, clearing old patterns & outdated or unwanted conditioning are all begun in your first session. A 15-30 minute consultation is included.
This unique session overhauls your energy system, which includes your chakras & aura & main energy lines. Imbalances are revealed, & harmony is restored in 15+ chakras! An “imbalance” in your chakras could mean that some chakras are over-active and others may be under-active. This imbalance can lead to a variety of physical or mental/ emotional illnesses. A variety of methods are used including crystals, sound vibrations, ancient symbols and more!
We have all needed a wise and trusted teacher or counselor from time to time. We have often gotten conflicting advice or opinions from those closet to us that has only created more confusion about the best course of action to take. A more objective, less involved voice is called for. As a mother of two grown boys, a sister, an ex-wife, a girlfriend, a teacher, healer and friend, among many other roles, my life experiences has prepared me well to get to the bottom of what is going on with you and give you some sound advice on how to handle it.
This consultation is an opportunity to talk about what is and isn't working and what you'd like to be different. We will discuss your goals and lifestyle and anything else you feel is important. Sometimes we just need to talk some things out with someone more objective and less involved then friends and family. We can decide together what the next step is.
Are you interested in crystals and stones? Would you like to use them to create more balance and harmony in your life? Are you uncertain which stones would help you accomplish your goals? Would you like some ideas about how to successfully use crystals to support your growth and awareness? This consultation will answer all your questions and more! Included in this consultation is a stone chosen especially for you!
Rasayana refers to the science of promoting longevity and optimal health and the reversal of the effects of aging. Preservation, transformation and replenishment of energy is a focal point in this treatment. These treatments were originally designed for kings and queens who did not want to grow old! Included in this individualized treatment is a deep application of warm oil called abhyanga. This is followed by a cleansing, refreshing herbal steam sauna. After a quick rinse in a cool shower, the blissful flow of oil over the forehead, called shirodhara, is given. Fragrant essential oils are then applied to the chakras. To finish, a replenishing, light scrub is used in the shower. Your day of bliss is completed with a complimentary aromatic spray to take home. If desired and set up in advance, the perfect meal called kitchari, can be prepared for you for a small additional charge.
Have you always wanted to try energy healing? Are you looking for an alternative to medications that don't seem to work or require you to take two or more to achieve the desired result? Do you need help restoring balance and harmony to the body and to your life? This deeply relaxing therapy will improve your condition! Why not try it and see for yourself! New clients only. $99 introductory price.
This is a chance to find out if what Suzanne says makes sense to you and you want to work together to find your magic!
On a spiritual level, cacao allows you to go considerably deeper into meditation and self-healing. It is heart-opening medicine that can guide you to an open door much the same as cystals. The crystals will be purposefully used to raise the vibration and connect us with the potential for personal transformation. You will receive several crystals to use and take home as well as a handout outlining how to continue using both cacao and crystals.
Friday May 11, 2018. 7-830pm. Immerse yourself in the transformative world of crystals, stones and minerals! We will explore meditation techniques, elixirs and grids in this popular, information packed class. You will also receive a hand picked crystal toolkit to work with and take home. Registration is required. Limited space! Book today!  $35.00
May 16, 2018. 7-830pm. Rituals and ceremonies have been practiced since time immemorial! Why? Rituals are rich in their meaning and significance and allow us to connect with things we value. They can also help renew the mind and enliven our day with more meaning and purpose. We will learn some simple ceremonies, using everyday ingredients, that will remind us of the power of our intention to connect with or call upon the energies and forces that support our highest good. We will use sacred symbols, sound vibrations and techniques from the rich world of the Vedas and Yoga.
Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating a focused awareness on the present moment. It is both a daily habit & a lifelong process. This introduction will allow you to see the great value of this investment in yourself. Our 13 week program help yous understand how to create this habit and live it every day. It incorporates movement, breathing, meditation & cultivating your intuition, to support the habit of increased awareness.

Our Staff

Suzanne Goldston
Suzanne is a Yoga & Meditation for more then 15 years & also certifies teachers. She offers Ayurveda treatments & consultations and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She also uses Crystals to shift & open energy.