Benson Buff Detail and Tint Shop Inc.

At Benson Buff we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. We know how much your car means to you and we strive to present you with a vehicle you can be proud of for years to come. We offer a variety of products and services to help you care for your vehicle.
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Our Services

Full Vehicle Detail Reconditioning Service
Full hand wash, exterior and interior. Exterior clay bar, wax and buff. Rims and tires shined and polished. Full interior cleaning as well.
Interior Only Detail
full interior cleaning of vehicle also includes wash and wax outside.
Quick wash
hand wash, wax and tires cleaned and shined. vacuum only on inside.
Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection.
Mother’s Day Detail
Full Mothers Day Detail Package for month of May only
Window Tint-Front Roll Downs
2 window tint includes drives and passenger front roll down windows only.
Window Tint-2 door vehicle
Window tint of 2 door vehicle includes driver and passenger roll down windows and rear full window as well as up to 2 small door windows.
Window tint- Front Windshield
Full Front windshield tint
Window Tint- Front Windshield Eyebrow "Brow"
Up to 6 inches of machine cut/pre-pattern tint of "brow" on windshield. Does NOT include vehicles with brows that require hand cutting or clients who wish to have a specific design.
Window Tint-Windshield Brow HANDCUT
For clients requiring specialty tint on windshield outside of pre-determined pattern. Client will be notified of pricing change before service if pattern is not available and hand cutting is required.
Window Tint-4 door CAR
Full window tint of 4 door passenger CAR includes 4 passenger doors as well as up to 4 sidelight windows and back full window.
Window Tint-4 door Passenger SUV or MINIVAN
FULL tint of 4 door passenger SUV or MINIVAN only. Includes 4 passenger doors, 2 rear side windows and back full window. Includes up to 4 sidelights.
Full Window Tint - Extended SUV or FULL VAN
4 door passenger suv or full size van. 4 passenger doors plus up to 4 additional full size windows and 4 sidelights plus back full window.
Decal removal
Stain removal
per large stain outside of normal detail service.
Remote Start
Headlight restoration
Odor eliminate
Exterior detail
Mini Detail

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