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Maritza Roxane is the author of the book @DontFWithMyJoy. Her TEDx Talk, podcast, blog and apparel are available on Maritza’s Menu allows her to share her perspective through the happiest lens. Through each option on the menu, the aim is for you to stay at your happiest level, level up and maintain your happiest levels. She gets to ask you questions that have you looking through the happiest lens even more :)
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Our Services

Book Outline [Phone]
Happy to be the catalyst for you to get this book out of your mind, body and spirit to be on paper. It takes genius to do that so you have my admiration for taking the first step. To have something tangible in your hands that you created is priceless. Sometimes we need someone to ask an infinite amount of the happiest questions to catalyze the stories to come forth. You will have six calls per month. In total, 12 calls, 60 minutes each, two month experience. Imagine the result being your book outline :)
Cigar Vibes [In Person]
Smoke and laugh with Maritza.
Happy Hour Package #1
1 hour / Happy Hour / In Person Groups Less Than 25 People PS: If you have more than 25 people the price adjusts and increases according to size.
Call In
Be in a recorded call with Maritza. National and international calls are welcomed. Be in a quiet space so the recording has peaceful background sounds. Dedicate 30 minutes for the recording. 15 extra minutes is a buffer for just in case. Potential of it being instantly uploaded to be broadcasted publicly and syndicated on 7+ worldwide platforms. PS. Non-negotiable: We must belly laugh more than 3x.
Morning Wake Up Note [Email / Text]
Audio Recordings Sent To You / $5 each Each friendly reminder comes from the book and it is curated by Maritza. People enjoy Maritza’s voice clips daily, weekly and/or monthly. Recommended 21 Day Commitment. Each one reminds you to aim for your happiest life :)
Joy Care [Email]
Email In A Question About Being At Your Happiest Self / Receive A Response Curated By Maritza Within 24 Hours / Recommended 7 Day Commitment / Price Varies On Commitment
Commercial Ads
Photoshoots / Videoshoots / Modeling Agency Representation / Open To All Inclusive Deals / Spokesmodel Roles / Commercial ads / Internet Ads / Print Ads / Smile Model / Lingerie Model
Walk & Talk [In Person]
On The Sand At A Beach / On A 5 Star Resort / In a Major League Baseball Ballpark / Open To Your Suggestions / California Based
Don’t F With My Joy Coupon
What is trying to f with your joy? We can always turn it around. Share any circumstance under the sun with Maritza and she will share her perspective through the happiest lens with you so we can maintain your happiest perspective pristine. Share any concern. Here for you along the way. Response within 48 Hours. 30 Day Complimentary Service. Email
Happy Hour Taste Tester [Physical]
Los Angeles Based / Happy Hour Ride At A Fitness Gym / Indoor Cycling Group Fitness Class / Be My Guest
Smile Care [Texts]
On The Go Mobile Device Friendly / Text messaging / Send Unlimited Questions About Aiming For Your Happiest. Unlimited Responses Curated By Maritza For 60 Minutes Undivided Attention On You / Think: A Happy Hour Just For You
Happy Hour Package #3
Choose 3 Items From The Menu And Create Your Own Package
Happy to Happiest
Coming soon :)
Share Good News
Did you just experience one of your happiest moments? Do you want to reminisce on of your happiest moments? Share your happiest moments, experiences, thoughts, feelings with who? Guess who! Celebration time! Here for you. Share via email, social media / recorded call!
Happy Hour Package #2
Pick 3 services from the menu for the price of 1 / Mix And Match / 3 For 1 Special / More Coming Soon
Phone Call Aiming Towards Your Happiest
60 Minute Call To Review Your Happiest Aims / Discuss Problem Clients/ Identify Ideal Clients
All Inclusive Appearance
In Person Meeting In Southern California For Business Opportunities/ Travel Arrangements Included
Book Club [Instagram]
Join The Book Club For The Happiest Journaling / Primarily On Instagram / Complimentary Audiobook Included With A Code On /
Happy Hour Taste Tester [Intellectual]
See A Glimpse Of The 60 Minute Happy Hour / Taste Testers Are 20 Minutes Or Less / Occur Weekly On Wednesdays in Long Beach, California / RSVP for Complimentary Taste Testers By Booking Here
Sold out on! Accepting bulk pre-orders starting at 50 hoodies and up!
Female Tank
Sold out on! Accepting bulk pre-orders starting at 50 hoodies and up!
Male Tank
Sold out on! Accepting bulk pre-orders starting at 50 hoodies and up!
Consulting Agreement [Remote]
For Business Owners Who Are At A Tipping Point Ready To Level Up Your Happiness Levels To Stay At Your Happiest / Commitment Starts For 3 Month And Opens To 12 Month Annual Contract Upon Check In / Virtual Includes Calls Texts Emails Social Media Messages / 100% Remote / Open To International Clients/ Monthly Client Retainer Starts At $1,500
Book Consultant
One of my favorite things to see is someone have a published book distributed with people paying for it. When you are ready to bring your book to life on Kindle, Audible and more, sign up for a phone call so I can listen to your needs and see if we align.
Warm Up Call
Drop In On A Call With Maritza And Have Her Describe The Options To You So We Can See What Option Is Best For You And What Aligns / Texting, Emailing, DM'ing Is Available As Well :)
On The Go Call [Mobile App]
Download The Mobile App "Anchor" / Drop In On A Recorded Call / Less Than 30 Minutes / Book It When You Are Ready To Be Recorded
Podcast [Sponsorship Available]
Investment goes towards the "Happiest Hour On The Radio". Call us for more information :)
Happy Hour [Remote]
Virtual Accountability Partner / 3X A Week For Your Physical Fitness Routine / Text / FaceTime/ Email / Keep You Accountable To Exercise In The Happiest Ways / Starts At $10 Per Week
Secret Menu
Global / National / Local / Commit To 3 Months To Start / Remote Only (Includes Calls, Texts, Emails) / Happiness Is External, Joy Is Internal / Call For Details About The Secret Menu :)
Ebook and Audiobook
Both are available on Here are the links: Audible: Kindle: :)
Dance Party [Sponsorship Available]
Annual Dance Party In Southern California and Televised. Call in for more details :)
In House Consultant [In Person]
Available With A Company That Is In Alignment / Virtual Office / Call For More Details

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