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Our Services

Tarot Reading
Tarot readings are a great way to get spiritual guidance around a particular situation or to scope out the general flow of energy in your life. Our store rate is: $1/minute Sessions typically average 15min
Reiki is an alternative energy healing practice that originated in Japan and is used to promote healing and balance within the body and one's energy field. It is the practice of channeling divine life force energy and has a myriad of uses including stress reduction and alignment of the chakras.
Spiritual Consulting
Have questions about your spiritual development? Meet 1-to-1 for a personalized Q&A around the practical application of spirituality in your daily life.
Henna - Adornment Session
Henna tattooing is a century-old form of temporary body art used in ancient Egypt and India for religious ceremonies, weddings, or just simple body adornment. I mix my own paste with bridal quality, 100% organic henna, grown in India, as well as quality essential oils, so it is always fresh and safe. The henna stains skin for about 1-2 weeks, depending on aftercare and placement. Aside from aesthetics, this service is a bit more unique by integrating some shamanic techniques and offering it as a form of gentle healing/working with subtle energy. Sessions can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours or more.
Astrological Birthstar Chart Analysis
30 Mins-$45 60 Mins-$60 5 Sessions @ 30 mins each- $200 5 Sessions @ 60 mins each - $250 **When booking for this service, please be sure to include your Birthday, Birth Time (if known), and Birth Location in the Notes Section of the booking form
Astrological Relationship Compatibility
30 Mins-$45 60 Mins-$60 5 Sessions @ 30 mins each- $200 5 Sessions @ 60 mins each - $250 **When booking for this service, please be sure to include your Birthday, Birth Time (if known), and Birth Location in the Notes Section of the booking form
Space Clearing
Over time, the spaces we inhabit begin to accumulate energetic buildup that can result in unpleasant vibes or even overt spirit activity. A space clearing is an energetic and spiritual reset for a physical space (e.g. home, office, land, etc.). The clearing is likely to include an array of smudges and other means depending on the practitioner.
Oracle Card Reading
Similar to tarot, Oracle Card readings are a type of cartomancy geared towards providing spiritual guidance for life or a particular situation. Whereas tarot is a fixed system of 78 cards, oracle card systems are much broader and themed in nature.
A medium is a psychic who reads the messages of the spirit world and interprets them for the recipient. These messages can come through audibly, through images, emotions, or a steady stream of consciousness. Sessions start at $25 for 15min and $50 for 30min.
Chakra & Aura Clearing
Often times we collect energy from others that gets caught within the aura and sometimes the physical body. Our Chakra & Aura Clearing sessions are to help you clear and release any trapped energy and provide you with insight on how to maintain healthy energetic boundaries.
Crystal Healing
Come receive a custom crystal healing based on the principles of grid work. Align your mind/body/spirit and dimensional vortex within our sacred space. All crystal healing will be completely custom to your needs. Leave with more information about your system and receive transformative work for your life journey.
Email Tarot Reading
Shamanic Healing
with Antonina
Shamanic Healing
with RJ
Herbal Intake
Shamanic Reading

Our Staff

Aadei comes from a strong Ghanian ancestral heritage. Her West African bloodline runs deep in art of healing for the mind, body and soul. Along with her ancestral roots with alchemy and mysticism, she had also earned a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics paired with her licensure as an Ordained Minister of Astrotheology.
Owner of KS, Shaman, Medicine Woman & Herbalist
Maggie Draughn
Mika Rose
Jamika Burnette, born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, offers spiritual guidance and healing through methods of energy-based therapy, and intuitive management. Most of her abilities are naturally developed, as other techniques applied to heal, have been directly handed down from her Lumbee-Indian and African-American heritage.
I am an intuitive Tarot and oracle card reader. I use my connection to spirit to help my clients connect with their own inner truth and to assist them in realizing and actualizing their own solutions to the issues at hand.
Pooh Merritt
RJ Walker
RJ is a shaman and ritual practitioner from African & Native lineage. Shaped by his intuitive qualities, he uses an array of spiritual tools and practices to access insight and divine guidance by channeling Spirit.