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Transformational Solutions for Healthy Living. Joy Caffrey, director of Joyful Healing Center is a gifted healer, motivational speaker, and artist. She offers individual coaching, energy balancing, healing sessions, and workshops. Workshops include stress management, yoga, energy medicine, intuition and wisdom, shadow work, and various forms of creative expression.
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Our Services

First Time Energy Healing Session and Assessment
Your first session includes an in-depth assessment and balancing of your chakras and energy field as well as addressing issues on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Joy will offer you tools and practical guidance based on your energetic patterns. If you need payment options, please contact me directly
Energy Healing In-depth 90-minute Session
In-depth Energy Healing Session - after your initial assessment session, includes balancing the energy field as well as addressing issues on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. These sessions (approximately 90 minutes) can take place in my office, over the phone or through virtual conferencing. Quantity discounts on 3 or more sessions are available.
First Time Couple's Session
Couple's sessions are a combination discerning the needs of each partner, building compassionate communication skills, and offering energy healing for each of you to get back on center. I will provide you with tools to overcome the hurt, distrust or disconnection that can happen in relationships. I work with sexual/intimacy issues to help you bring back the passion into your relationship. (Additional sessions are at a reduced rate)
House or Office Energy Clearing
Joy is masterful at clearing the lingering stale or emotionally charged energy in homes and buildings. If your house or office drains you and you need to have your environment cleansed, book with Joy now. These sessions are done on site. The cost is $100 per hour with a minimum of an hour and a half. There is an additional travel charge for locations beyond a 25-mile radius from Joy's office.
Chakra Balance
Your chakras will be balanced and assessed for optimal flow of energy through your body. This 50-minute session is only available after you have had a First Time Session with a full Assessment.

Our Staff

Joy Caffrey