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Specialties San San's Day Spa is a uniquely elegant and personalized-service oriented spa crafted with a warm and beautiful interior/ ambiance. It is highly appraised by customers who value intricate and top artistic mastery of facial treatment, body waxing, and eyelash design. Try our specialized services today and you will soon find out why our customers keep coming back for more! History Established in 2006 San San,s is positioned to be the most preferred choice for skincare and mini spa services. It takes pride in its high professional skills and services and set out its company mission just to do that. San has a strong sense of commitment to quality products for the genuine interest of benefiting customers' ultimate goals and expectations.
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Our Services

Pure Facial Treatment
For skin that needs to be purified, detoxed and restructured. To restore a healthy and balanced skin tone.
Calming Sensitive Facial
Appropriate for skin types ranging from sensitive to extremely sensitive. This soothing treatment strengthens and protects as it relieves and calms inflamed skin. Products used in the treatment do not contain any preservatives, parabens or fragrances.
Microdemabration Facial w/full treatment
Highly effective facial to treat all skin type, acneic skin and helps counteract bacteria to promote healing. Refines the skin's texture as it soothes irritations. Also effective on very oily complexions.
Rejuvenating Facial
Specially developed treatment uses vitamins A, C, and E to treat tired and stressed skin. This intensive vitamin cocktail ensures optimal results, leaving skin with a smooth and healthy texture.
European Deep Pores Cleansing
Rejuvenate your skin with an intensive facial. Each treatment includes steaming, exfloliation, shoulder massage and a mask customized to your specific needs.
Ultimate Anti Aging Facial
For all demanding skin, with lines and declining skin tone, and in order to prevent the formation of lines and premature skin. To correct wrinkles and a decline in tissue firmness. Intensively restructures and plumps up the skins from the inside.
Eye Contour essential w/Facial
For all sensitive eye area with wrinkles, expression lines, bags, puffiness and rings under eyes. Significantly reduces the appearance of rings under the eyes, bags, and puffiness, or reduces the depth an appearance of wrinkles and expression lines visibly and with a long-lasting effect, to firms and strengthens the tissue, giving it a smoother and relaxed appearance.
Sea Creation Facial
Researchers have embedded the intelligent active substance BABOR thermophilus in other biological ocean ingredients and dynamizing plant extracts. Each of these precious ingredients meets BABOR's high-quality standards. Perfectly balanced, they interact to release a chain reaction by rejuvenating effects. For the REBIRTH OF YOUR SKIN.
Classic lashes fill
Advance lashes fill
Lashes extensions full set
Xtreme Eyelash Extension is the world most prestigous and premier provider of semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions with comprehensive, industry-proven, hands-on training, and the highest level of qualification/certification. The master lash stylist- Soo Agnes Loh (who has been with Xtreme since 2006) ,practicing in San San Day Spa, has undergone the ADVANCED certification from the corporation to provide you the most natural "look and feel", artistic results and customer satisfaction.
Advanced mink bold eye lashes extensions full set
My Essentials ( Spa Package A )
My Essentials European Deep Cleanse facial & Lymphatic Massage With spa pedicure
Revitalize Me ( Spa Package B )
Revitalize Me Rejuvenating Facial & Swedish Massage W/ Spa Pedicure
Relax Me ( Spa Package C )
Relax Me Ultimate face lifting facial treatment with Eye brow treading and muscular relaxing body treatment / with Spa Pedicure
Cashmere Balancing Me ( Spa Package D )
Cashmere Balancing Me Rejuvenating facial with eyebrow treading Lymphatic massage & cashmere balancing body treatments
Shape Me ( Spa Package E )
Shape me Ultimate Face Lifting facial ,Swedish massage and Cashmere Shooting body treatment Allow 3.5 hr.......................................................395
Lympgatic aromatherapy body treatment massage
Swedish Aromatherapy body treatment massage
A Vitamin cocktail for your body. After a thorough relaxing treatment, our specially blended complex of vitamin A, C, and E penetrateA Vitamin cocktail for your body. After a thorough relaxing treatment, our specially blended complex of vitamin A, C, and E penetrate deeply to regenerate the body and protect against free radicals
Deep tissue Aromatherapy body treatment massage
For stress-related muscular tension, in case of pronounced tension or internal disquiet. Promotes free movement of the back. Eases tension and energy blockages. Intense feeling of well being throughout the entire organism.
Prenatal Aromatherapy Massage
Prenatal Comfort Aromatherapy Massage Provides the comfort relief for mom and baby.
Revitalizing Body Treatment
Energizing body for luck of energy, fatigue or stressed muscles. Promotes circulation, stimulus the flow of energy and vitality.
Cashmere Soothing Body Treatment
Cashmere Soothing Body Treatment STRENGTHEN, FIND BALANCE AND RECHARGE. In case of imbalance, when the guest is incapable of relaxing-due to exhaustion, nervousness, disquiet; Promotes inner balance, stimulates the circulation, strengthens skin defenses functions and protects against premature skin aging and environmental stress. Mobilizes the body's natural energies.
Muscular Relaxing Body Treatment
For stress-related muscular tension, in case of pronounced tension or internal disquiet. Promotes free movement of the back. Eases tension and energy blockages. Intense feeling of well being throughout the entire organism.
Firming Body Shaping Treatment
Shaping complex made from artichoke extract, fights excess fat deposit formation; shapes, refines, and smooths the body's silhsoutte with visible, tangible results.
Cupping Therapy ( slimming effect: series of six FREE one)
This treatment is used to break up the abnormal structures of connective tissue and bring circulation to the area quickly.
Foot Reflexology
Aromatic foot bath soaking to Detox your foot, exfoliating dead skin for penetrating foot care revitalizing treatment cream to be regenerated. Foot reflexology massages with hot towels. And leaving tingling moisturized happy foot.
Shallac Manicure
Removal of Shallac Manicure is $15. (15 minutes extra)
Spa Manicure
Our Spa Manicure with the added luxury of an exfoliation and moisturizing massage with polish application.
Rejuvinating Spa Manicure Treatment
The ultimate indulgence of Hand Treatment with exfoliates and a treatment hand mask. Includes relaxing hand and arm massage. Regenerates and calm damaged areas of skin leaving them soft and supple.
Classic Pedicure
A classic pedicure cosmetic treatment to the feet, toenails.
Spa Pedicure
Aromatic foot bath, nail shaping, cuticle care, with intensive foot care scrubbing, exfoliation followed, relaxing massage and hot towers. Smooths with luxurious moisturizer and custom color polish application.
Revitalizing Spa Pedicure
Intensive Spa Pedicure for cracked, rough skin on the feet. This luxurious Revitalizing Pedicure, revitalizes feet and legs. Regenerates and calms damaged areas of skin leaving them tingling, and ultimate experience moisturized effect.
Brow (Permernent Make-up)..
Eye Liner (Permanent Make-up).
Full Lip (Permernent Make-up)....
Permernent Brow Touch up

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