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Muscular Therapy, Bodywork
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Our Services

Bodywork & Mobility 45
Bodywork & Mobility sessions are issue-specific and include postural and movement assessments; muscle pattern testing and treatment; and corrective exercises to help you facilitate your own improvement at home.
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Bodywork & Mobility 60
Bodywork & Mobility 75
Bodywork & Mobility 90
Bodywork & Mobility Initial Treatment Package
Purchase three 45-minute Bodywork & Mobility sessions to get $25 off the price ($225 reduced to $200). I designed this as an introductory trial for those who are new to my work, muscle testing, yoga, or myofascial release.
Signature Session 60
A 4-sided massage designed to balance muscle and fascial lines; clients change position on the table, lying supine, prone, and on both sides, so more of the body is able to receive work.
Signature Session 75
4-sided massage
Signature Session 90
4-sided massage
60 Minute Relaxation Massage
Intended to calm the central nervous system, I use traditional Swedish massage techniques and organic emollient to give care to your tired muscles.
75 Minute Relaxation Massage
90 Minute Relaxation Massage
60 Minute Pregnancy Massage
75 Minute Pregnancy Massage
90 Minute Pregnancy Massage
Bodywork & Mobility 120
Bodywork & Mobility 30

Our Staff

Ashleigh Howland
I began studying massage therapy in 2011 after seeing the physical and emotional impacts of bodywork for rescue horses. I enjoy the work because it allows me to be physically active, create my own schedule, and fuel my intellectual curiosity while helping other people reach their own goals and live lives with less pain. I spent four years working with the Boston University Men's Ice Hockey team, during which time they had four NCAA Championship Tournament appearances (2014-2018) and myriad players sign professional contracts. Working with Division 1 and professional athletes energized my practice and informed my education, allowing me to bring high-level bodywork to a wider demographic.