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Good form video consultation (free for JTC runners - $20 to join JTC Running -

Wednesday sessions (mostly 7am, 7:30am) are at the Jacksonville University Running Lab in the Health Sciences Complex 2800 University Blvd N Jacksonville, FL 32211. Park in the rear lot and enter the main doors (in the back of the building) - we will meet you in the lobby. Additional sessions (usually Friday afternoon 1-3pm) are at the 1st Place Sports Jax Beach Store . The running lab is upstairs. 424 S. 3rd Street, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. The process is simple: 1)     Run on the treadmill (easy pace) for 1-minute 2)     Dr. Wight films runner in slow-motion 3)     Dr. Wight provides quick overview of runner’s form (2-minutes) 4)     Dr. Wight provides a simple strategy for runner to try 5)     Runner tries strategy and Dr. Wight re-films (for instant feedback) The consultation takes about 10 minutes. We reserve 20 minutes to assure there is plenty of time.

20 minutes


JU Running Laboratory