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I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist. The beauty of TCM is that it works with the body naturally and holistically to bring it back into its original state of balance. I am enthusiastic and dedicated to providing the best care for all of my clients.

While I was in Acupuncture School, I suffered a traumatic injury and was bed-ridden for nine months. Up until that point I was extremely independent as well as healthy. This experience really gave me a peek into what its like to need other's help in healing. I am very grateful to all that offered me assistance during that time, but it also inspired me to be more than just a healer. Since then it has been my goal and mission to offer as much help as I can to people in their healing process.
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Initial Consultation and Acupuncture
An Initial Consultation includes your reason for seeking treatment as well as a thorough health history. And yes, you will get acupuncture during this appointment! Please be sure to complete the New Patient Paperwork, found here: keys intake form 2014b.pdf and bring it to your appointment. You can also submit your insurance information for verification here: (It's below the Book Appointment Button)
Follow-up visit
During a follow-up visit, we will discuss your progress and I will answer any questions. Depending on the consultation, I may alter my treatment or continue on a similar path. This appointment usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

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