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Left Coast Detailers is a mobile automotive detailing company that services the greater Atlanta Area and the surrounding counties.
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Our Services

Ceramic Coating
Polymer technology that protects your paint from the rigors of daily driving for up to 4 years, while leaving behind a deeper color and shine
Detailer's Special
Golden State Complete
Perfect for focusing on heavy paint correction (minor scratches and swirl marks)
The Executive
Our Sweet Georgia Select package plus we will shampoo your entire carpet
Sweet Georgia Select
Ideal for a car that just needs that extra bit of love. Exterior wash and interior conditioning
Left Coast Special
Sweet Georgia Select on a budget! This package will have your car feeling new, inside and out!
Interior Detail
By quote only. Please send pictures to support@leftcoastdetailers.com for a free estimate.
Simply Clean
Basic hand wash and interior vacuum. (2 car minimum)
Please specify which package you would like in the appointment notes
Carnauba Wax Upgrade
Our all natural formula will give your paint that 'wet' look and offer it protection from the elements
Windshield Repair
Please leave short description in the appointment notes: -Is the crack larger than a dollar bill? -When did the damage happen? Any info is helpful. Thanks!
Headlight Restoration
Light up the road once again and remove any yellowing and UV damage
Paint Sealant
Replenish your vehicle's clear coat, enrich your paint's shine, and retain protection for up to 6 months
Fabric Protectant
No more worrying over spills and stains. Our fabric coating will keep spills from getting down into your seat fibers. Just simply wipe them away
RainX Window Treatment
Improve wet weather visibility and save your wipers. Water will roll off of your windows instead of clinging to them
Clay Bar Application
Perfect for removing over spray, bugs, tar, and road contaminants. Our process will make your paint factory smooth
Trim Restoration
Faded trim is restored to factory condition & protected for years to come
Vinyl Graphic Removal
Vinyl lettering and graphics are safely removed using a heating process. Heating allows the safe removal without taking paint with it

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