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Discovery Meeting

We love to work with companies that have as a purpose helping and empower our communities, companies that have a service or product that will make people's lives better. We call this companies, HUMANITY PLUS Companies. If you are one of them, let's seat down and chat, let's discover how we can work together.

1 hour

Marketing Audit (Evaluation)

Complimentary evaluation of your existing marketing and Social media profiles. We will ask you questions and take a look at your existing campaigns and Social media profiles to determine what you are doing good, what's working, and what can be improved.

30 minutes

Brand Strategy

1 Hour Branding Strategy. We will evaluate your existing brand and go over your objectives to create a brand strategy.

$197 · 1 hour

Consultoria de imagen gráfica (Creado para micro empresas y start ups.)

Quieres crear tu imagen pero no sabes por dónde comenzar? En esta sesión podremos platicar y descubrir en que etapa del negocio estas y te recomendaremos las mejores soluciones creadas específicamente para ti y tu empresa.

Free · 30 minutes


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