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Our Services

Microblading Consultation
We will map out your brow area and measure your eye shape to create the perfect brow shape for you. We will also go over color choices , aftercare and answer any questions you might have. Please note the consultation price is only charged if there is a no show for the appointment or a proper cancellation time. Please refer to our cancellation policy
Extension Removal
Brow Lamination
This new and advanced technique sculpts your brows to perfection . We lift, tint and shape your brows to give a fuller, more groomed look which also helps give a filled in look to sparse brows. A patch test is required so be sure to schedule that prior to your appointment. Lasts up to 6-8 weeks depending on skin type and brow hair thickness.
Microblading 1st session (full)
Consultation recommended. Full service, shaping. mapping, numbing cream provided throughout the process. No alcohol or pain killers 48 hours prior to appointment. Price can vary due to skin conditions or additional services that might be recommended ex. (microshading or combo brow)
Microblading Touchup 46-60 days
Touchup of procedure
Microblading Touchup 61-90 days
Touchup after initial procedure
Microblading Touchup 91-120 days
Touchup after inital procedure
Microblading Touchup 121-151 days
Micoblading Touchup 152-299 days
Microbalding Hairline (temples)
This application is perfect for the temples of the hairline that are becoming sparse. A 30- 45 day touchup is required and is included in price. Based off of your natural hair pattern we will follow the direction of your hair to fill in any necessary areas ( Shading not included)
Brow Cleanup
Brow Shaping
We will clean up and work on what shape is best for you. Discuss the growth process and help you on your journey to the perfect brow for you!
Brow Tint
If you are looking for a quick fix to fill in gap while we let your brows grow in and begin shaping, brow tinting is a great alternative that requires no maintenance. Lasts up to 2 weeks and is a great addition to your shaping if you are curious what Microblading will look like!
Lash Lift
Using a Keratin Based formula we "lift" your lashes giving them a natural curl without extensions or glue strips! Say buy buy to your eyelash curler for good!
Lash Tint
Have light hair or are you looking for a darker lash? This is also a perfect addition to your lash lift giving you a finished and polished look of mascara without having to apply it everyday! Maintenance free after your visit!
Lip Wax
Nose wax
Using a hard wax, we are able to remove those unsightly hairs that might be poking out a little too far. Virtually painless and quick and easy.
Laser Treatment Consultation
A consultation is required prior to preforming any laser treatment to verify you are a candidate. Say bye bye to any hair that you want removed. Mild vascular treatments and IPL photo facials are also a wonderful addition to your beauty routine.
Laser Hair Treatment
IPL Consultation
IPL Treatment
Ipl Treatment
Permenant Makeup Consultation
Perfect treatment for eyelash enhancement! We also perform eyeliner cosmetic tattoo application. * Consults are complimentary. $25 fee charged for no show or rescheduling based off of our cancellation policy. ( Please refer to our cancellation policy)
Eyelash enhancement (Uppler Lash line)
a light cosmetic tattoo application that enhances your natural lash without giving you a full dark eyeliner look. Perfect for a fresh faced "awake" look.
Lower lash line enhancement
a light cosmetic tattoo application that enhances your natural lash without giving you a full dark eyeliner look. Perfect for a fresh faced "awake" look.
Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo (upper lid)
We will draw out the thickness and length of desired eyeliner look. Numbing creams and gels are used for comfort. It is a 2 step process requiring you to return in 30 days for a perfecting session. (touchup included in price) a consultation is required prior to procedure
Classic Lash Extensions
We apply one lash extension per existing eyelash. We use silk lashes giving you the most lightweight feel and natural look. ( Uses approx. 60-80 lashes per eye.)
Classic Lash Extensions Hybrid
We use silk lashes for the most lightweight natural look. Mixing fans and single lashes. Our adhesives are top of the line! Be sure to come makeup free so we can expedite your service. (uses approx. 80-90 lashes per eye)
Lash Extension 2-3 natural fill
Lash Extension 2-3 week hybrid fill
Ombre Powder Brows
Great Alternative for candidates who cannot get Microblading or who have severe oily skin. Shaping, mapping is included. Numbing cream provided throughout the service.
Underarm Wax
Sensitive soft wax (strip) used to remove unwanted underarm hair. Men and women.
1 on 1 Brow Class
Learn how to fill your brows using our 5 point method and our Fetish Brow Cosmetics. Choose any 2 products to take home. We cover 2-3 different brow looks depending on your needs.
Fibro Blast Forehead
Fibro Blast Skin Tag Removal
Price per Skin Tag
Fibro Blast Upper eye
Fibro Blast Under Eye

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