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Initial Consultation (In Person / Virtual)

No Hooks, No Hassle. This form of consultation is made available to anyone responding to a free consultation offer designed to help clarify your direction in a specific area of challenge or desired area of growth.

Free ยท 50 minutes

Coaching Session (Virtual / Phone)

This service is offered to clients that have purchased a one-to-one premium coaching package after the completion of an initial consultation.

1 hour

Mindset Break-thru Session (Virtual / Phone)

These calls take place every other week, between normally scheduled coaching sessions. They are designed to address barriers that may be stopping you in your progression toward a newly established performance goal.

30 minutes

"I'm Stuck" Session (by Phone)

This session is designed to take place between regularly scheduled coaching calls when internal or external challenges arise that are stalling movement toward the completion of a task or goal.

15 minutes

Teamworx i2i

This service is reserved for active Teamworx Members only. These are 1:1 meetings designed to further the referral partner relationship.

1 hour

General Meeting

This option is available to those who have contacted us in advance to arranged a meeting time and place. Please call prior to choosing this selection.

1 hour

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