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Jessica provides hair services for the whole family. Specializing in color, style and hair extensions.
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Our Services

1 Hour session
Recommended for haircuts or treatments. Includes shampoo and style. Price will be determined by length and thickness of hair.
2 Hour Session
Recommended for classic single all over color, touch up color, partial or half highlight. Most other services will require more time. Extra hair thickness and length will require more time. This session does not include haircut, please book 2.5 hour session to add extra time for haircut. (This session excludes new guests, ombre, balayage and full head highlights.) Prices shown are based on length of time booked. Final service pricing will vary.
2.5 Hour Session
Recommended for any services listed in the 2 hour session but need extra time for thicker/longer hair or would like to add on a haircut or treatment. Excludes new guests and services such as balayage, ombre, full highlights and color corrections. Prices shown are based on time booked. Final service pricing will vary.
3 Hour Session
Recommended for all new clients requesting color services. Choose this option for Highlights. Balayage (ombre, melts, etc.), and color corrections. Anything not covered in the other sessions can be with a 3 hour session. All prices shown are based on length of time booked. Final service pricing will vary.
4 Hour Session
Recommended for major correction services, double processing, vivid color, and most extensions services. Most of these services will need a consult first. Please call 540-580-2919 before booking this option.
Short Haircut
For length above neck line and chin. Ages teen and adult. Includes Shampoo & Style.
Medium to Long Haircut
For length is below the chin and neck. Ages teen to adult. Time and price will vary due to length and thickness. Includes shampoo and style.
Child Haircut 4 & under
Ages 4 and under, no shampoo.
Haircut Child 5 - 12
Ages 5 to 12, does not include shampoo. Additional changes may apply due to length and thickness and/or the request for shampoo and styling.
Consultation - Color
Free consult to discuss hair goals, options and a plan of action to achieve your new beautiful custom color!
Root only touch up of base color. Additional charges for pulling through ends will be based on length and thickness.
Demi-permanent color or clear used to add shine and/or tint the hair for a fresh look.
This is a custom service of painting on a lightner and/or color to achieve a softer blended result. There are many varieties of balayage so each look will be custom to you. Requires a consult before pricing is determined.
Toner - Used for unwanted tones or to tone highlights to a more desirable color. Add on to your foils or Balayage service. HIGHLY recommended with every lightening service. Filler - Used for added undertones that may be lacking before going to a darker color. This is to ensure that you get a more vibrant, richer result that lasts longer. Add on to your base color service when going darker.
Partial Foils
This is usually no more than 10 foils, usually placed along the part and/or around the face.
Half Foils
This service is usually 11 to 20 foils in the top, crown and side areas.
Full Foils
This is usually 21 to 36 foils, covering all over.
Platinum Card Foils
This is full coverage pulling every section of hair into a foil.
Color and Partial
Retouch your root color and add in a few highlights on the part and around the face. Up to 10 foils.
Color and Half Foil
Touch up your root color and add in a highlight to brighten and add dimension.
Color and Full Foil
Touch up your color and add in highlights all oveer for a brighter, more dimensional look all over. Usually 21 to 36 foils.
Using lightener to remove color all over or as a root touch up.
Double Process Bleaching
This is a double process to achieve the maximum lift to achieve or maintain platinum or lightest blonde without the damage. Slow and steady reduces damage and helps pull out more yellow. A toner is recommended to soften to a more natural tone.
Color Correction
This service may be needed if you are trying to change you look dramatically or fix any problem areas that may have happened from a previous service. Please remember that a consultation should be scheduled first. Also, allow time for the corrections to be made. You want to take you time so that the process is done correctly and keeps your hair at its best health.
Consultation - Extensions
This is required before I book any guests new to me with extensions, whether you already have them or you would like to purchase and install. We will go over in detail cost and care.
Micro-bead Extension Intall
Installation of extensions with a small bead.
Tape Extension Install
Extensions attached to the hair using a tape adhesion. There are pay by piece options if needed.
Keratin Bond Extension Install
Install of extensions with a keratin bond. Hair must be shampooed and styled with a clarifying shampoo. Included in install price. There must be a consult before day of your first appointment.
Extension Removal Microbead
Removal of beads, brush and style with no shampoo.
Extension Removal Tape-in
Removal of extensions, Shampoo and style.
Extension Removal Keratin Bond
Removal of keratin bonded extensions, shampoo and style.
Clip in Extension Install
With your order of clip in extensions I will include a free tutorial and blending. If you want a shampoo and style with your service an additional charge will be applied.
Brow Wax
hair removal and shaping of the brows.
Lip Wax
Hair removal
Brow and Lip Wax
Hair removal and Shaping
Brow Tint
Tinting the brows with color, lasting 4 to 6 weeks.
Lash Tint
Tinting lashes with color specially formulated to be near the eyes. Lasting 4 to 6 weeks. Great way to look like you are always wearing mascara.
Brow and Lash Tint
Tinting of the brows and lashes with color specially formulated to be near the eyes. Results lasting 4 to 6 weeks.
Shampoo and Style
When you are wanting to look your best and do not have time to do it yourself or you just want someone else to do it for you.
Special Event Style
When you have a formal event or just need that extra styling, includes shampoo.
Consultation - Updo
For special occasion, homecoming and Prom.
Bridal Updo
This is an in-salon styling. Consultation is free, trial run through is half of the final price of updo.
Bridal Updo - Trial
This is half of the determined final price. Allow extra time for consult and redo.
Free bang/neck trim
Just need a touch up to get the hair out of your eyes or off you neck. Free for existing clientele. Price based on consult with new clients.
Malibu C Concent8 Treatment
This service is a great upgrade to any service! Custom selection to meet your needs. Adds in the moisture, shine and repair that we all need from time to time.
Malibu C Miracle Repair
A quick add on to any service to add repair, shine and softness to ANY hair type.
Malibu Makeover
This service is to remove any unwanted build up of minerals and product with Malibu C Crystal Gel. This is a Vitamin C based and anti-oxidant product. Following this treatment with any service and ending with the Malibu C Miracle Repair Treatment.
Bond Building Add-on
This is a bond treatment that may be added into your color and/or lightner for added strand strength and protection. Great for previously processed and fragile hair. Details can be discussed during consultation. Currently using Olaplex or Brazilian Bond.
Split End Treatment by Brazilian Blowout Add-on
This is a great add on to finish any service. This treatment seals the ends of the hair mending split ends. Creates beautiful shiny hair for weeks.
Brazilian Blowout Texture Treatment
The best treatment for frizz. Also, able to reduce curl up to 80%. Leaving hair more manageable for weeks. Able to style and wash right away unlike relaxer.

Our Staff

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