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We are Philadelphia's First and Only Mobile Bra Fitting Service and Lingerie Brand. We pride ourselves on giving women a unique, intimate and exclusive experience...all while in the privacy of their own homes. Our services have been developed to address your needs. As professional bra fitters and educators we are knowledgeable and passionate lingerie shapewear curators. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service and product value. We understand the importance of a woman’s bra / shape-wear and how it’s fit and comfort may affect her on an interpersonal level. All women want to have a comfortable, stylish, supportive bra wardrobe that reflects their personal (and professional) style. They want to wear bras that address their individual days and weeks… their unique 24/7. We are taking the pain and shame out of bra wearing. Dispelling bra myths and boosting your confidence. It only takes 30 seconds to feel the perfect
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Bra Fitting
Sometimes it’s immediately obvious that your bra doesn’t fit correctly. But sometimes there are less obvious signs that the bra you have on is doing little to optimize your shape. Even if a bra may “feel right,” it may not be giving you proper support or enhancing your assets. Or, it’s the wrong style bra for you altogether. If you answer yes to ANY of the following questions then our service is for you! Does your breast tissue spill over or bulge under the cup? Does the band ride up your back? Do the cups pucker or gap? Do your straps slip and slide? Do your straps dig into your shoulders? Does the wire poke and prod? Lets get you fit! *No nudity is required.
Bridal Bra Fit Services
Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. We know how important your dress is but, what about underneath. We also book bra fit parties for brides, their MOB and bridesmaids. Fittings are custom and we like to give each woman the same time, attention and care but with a special twist of fun in honor of your big day. To request a consultation please email us at
Thank you so much for your interest in hosting a bra fit party. We are a mobile bra fit company based in the city of Philadelphia. We pride ourselves on being able to come and fit our clients in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Giving many women a lingerie shopping experience thats personal and customized. We also book bra fit parties for brides, girls night in and women based organizations. If you wish to host more than 6 women there is a $75 fee for an additional fitter to be on site at event. Our Maximum is 10 women. Fittings are custom and we like to give each woman the same time, attention and care. Please contact us to schedule your fit party consultation 215-290-7066.

Our Staff

Mission: Every woman deserves to be comfortable and feel confident in their bras and shapewear. It is my mission to help women achieve that feeling with our mobile bra fitting services.