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4TheLoveOfHair Studio is located In North Hollywood, CA. Passionately providing essential hair care with versatile style. Book your next appointment with our 24-hour online app or stop by. We always look forward to servicing you!
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Our Services

Shampoo & Conditioning (blow dry optional)
Cleanse, Hydrate and Moisturize your Scalp and Hair.
Hair & Makeup Session
HAIR: Shampoo, Conditioning & Thermal Style (ie: Curls, flatiron or ponytail). Any additional services are an additional charge and will increase service time. MAKEUP: Full face Glam w/ @kimberly4makeup in studio. After hair service. Includes Lashes, contouring, highlight, shadow & glitter (optional).
Deep Conditioning
In addition to a Shampoo & Conditioning Service. Dryer time w/ plastic cap, allows heat to create steam and penetrate moisture into the hair, from scalp to ends. Helps to soften and detangle your Natural Hair, Extensions and Wigs.
Custom Hair Treatment
In addition to a Shampoo & Conditioning Service. Specifically designed products are used during dryer time w/ plastic cap. To rebuild Protein and/or Keratin in the hair, that will also help Strengthen, Soften and Balance PH.
Hot Oil Treatment
Virgin hair oils are heated and applied to scalp and hair. To assist with dryness and/or irritation. promotes moisture and helps prevent split ends and breakage.
Antiseptic Rinse
Experience a stimulating treatment that will help soothe dry and itchy scalp. Promotes healthy blood circulation, eliminates odor causing bacteria and removes build up.
Blow Dry Style
*Includes Shampoo and Conditioning.
Press & Curl / Flat Iron
*Includes Shampoo, Conditioning and Blow Dry
*Includes Shampoo, Conditioning and Blow Dry. A personalized touch to the perfect hair style for your special occasion!
Wet Set (Roller, Rod or Natural)
*Includes Shampoo and Conditioning.
(4 inches or more)
(3 inches or less)
Permanent Color
*Shampoo and Conditioning included.
Color Retouch
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Semi / Demi Permanent
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Cellophane/ Gloss / Toner
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Smoothing Treatment
*Shampoo, Conditioning, Blow Dry and Style Included. Free of harsh chemicals. Avalons unique Amino Acid formula penetrates deep into the cortex of hair fibers. The rich conditioning agents are heat activated during blow drying and / or flat ironing. Helping the hair maintain an elongated or straightened style for up to 2 months. The hair fibers acquire substantial resistance to humidity, becoming hair becomes easy to comb, detangle and style daily.
Virgin Relaxer and style
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. Full head (No-lye) Conditioning relaxer system chemically straightens and smooths natural hair texture.
Relaxer Retouch and style
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. (New growth.)
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. Conditioning texturizer system chemically loosens and defines natural texture.
Extensions Removal
Install Maintenance
*Recommend 4 weeks after initial install. Tighten, re-position, trim and / or add additional tracks to ensure the longevity of your initial install. (Additional to any Shampoo and Conditioning or Styling Service.)
Full Sew-In
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. Hair is entirely braided to form a base for sewn weft placement. (Up to 2 bundles.)
Full Sew-in W/ Closure
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. Hair is entirely braided to form a base for sewn weft and closure placement. (Up to 2 bundles.)
Full Sew-In W/Frontal
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. Hair is entirely braided to form a base for sewn weft and Frontal placement. (Up to 2 bundles.)
Partial Sew-In
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. A 2-4" part and / or perimeter of hair is left out to conceal a partially braided base for sewn weft placement. (Up to 2 bundles.)
Ponytail / Bun / Braid
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. Added extensions to create a fuller / longer style.
Individual Tracks
Used to add length or volume to natural Hair.
Hair Extensions Color Service
*Shampoo and Conditioning included. (Normal color service rates apply.)
Latch / Crochet Styles
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Custom Wig
Quote upon Consultation
2-Strand Twist
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Starter Locs
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Tool & Re-Twist
*Shampoo and conditioning included.
Loc Styling
Wig Installation
Shampoo, Condition, Blow Dry and Braided Track before Wig Installation and style
Custom Color Service
*Bleaching / Baylayage / Ombré *Vivids *Highlights / Low Lights *Color Correction
Lightening / Bleaching
Includes shampoo, treatment and conditioning. Single or double processing.

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