Emily Bowen, MA ABS, CMT

Emily Bowen, MA, CMT, Reiki Master - Emily has been practicing massage since 1997 and Reiki since 1986. They blend Reiki, deep tissue, and an eclectic mix of other modalities into each massage for deeper healing, greater relaxation and longer lasting results.
Emily approaches healing with a sense of humor, compassion and the belief that our bodies strive to be in balance. They enjoy supporting people in learning to relax and to move toward freedom from pain.
Emily specializes in injury treatment and rehabilitation, Reiki treatments, trauma and grief work, and combining talk and touch therapy to generate transformational change and emotional healing.
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Our Services

Remote Self-Care - 1 hour
Zoom call to help you strategize how to manage your aches and pains. Self-massage techniques, stretching, hydrotherapy and other approaches to calm and relax your musculature
Remote Reiki Session - 1 hour
Remote De-Stressing Strategy Session - 1 hour
Zoom or phone call employing mindfulness, breathing, visualization and other techniques to support your health, immune system, and sanity.
Remote Somatic Liberation - one hour
1 hour massage therapy session
1 hour Reiki session
1.5 hour massage therapy session
2 hour massage therapy session
Somatic Liberation
This is a clothed session focused on the release of trauma from the body, and processing grief or loss. Please wear light, comfortable clothing. Treatment will include gentle touch, energy work, intuitive conversation, and movement.
Half Hour Clothed Massage
Whether you're modest, busy or on a budget - the half hour massage is easy to fit into your day and lifestyle. Please wear light, comfortable clothing.
Add-on - Aromatherapy Cannabis Infused Massage Oil
A custom blend of essential oils that promote circulation and ease tension in a base of coconut and olive oil. It's combined with non-psychoactive, high CBD (cannabinols) strain cannabis. These components of cannabis are known to alleviate muscle tension and pain, as well as treat skin conditions.

Our Staff

Emily Bowen
•Trigger Point Therapy •Lomi Lomi •Trauma & Grief Treatment •Injury Rehabilitation •Deep Tissue Massage •Integrative Fascial Release •Reiki Energy Healing
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