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Private Jewelry Shopping (NO Downsize/Checkups) READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION

During your in-store shopping experience, a piercer or jewelry assistant will guide you through the new collection and help you choose the perfect pieces for your piercings. **Jewelry taken to-go, as we are not yet permitted to do installs. **Proper fitting face mask required for entry and must be properly worn at all times. Please wear a mask that will not require readjusting, we will ask that you do not touch your mask in the shop. **Please come alone. No additional guests are permitted inside. **No children or pets will be permitted inside. **Please do not bring any belongings that you can not carry, including large bags or backpacks, or large jackets that might need to be removed. We recommend keeping all of your small belongings in your pockets while in the shop. **Please use hand sanitizer upon entry and after touching your cell phone while in the studio. THANK YOU :)

PRICE VARIES · 30 minutes

Alana Paris


Jewelry Stylist
Perry Doig