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Microblading is the Newest eyebrow trend to hit the U.S.!! With this method a handheld tool is used to implant ink that will mimic a hair stroke. This method will lasts 9-12 months. This is the most natural method to eyebrow tattooing.
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Microblading Stefy
Microblading is the most natural technique for brow enhancement. This is perfect for people who want a fuller look without having your brows look "tattooed". Natural Hair strokes are created matching your brow color.
Ombre combo
This is perfect if you’re wanting a natural yet bold look. A shading and Hairstroke technique is used to enhance your brows.
Pearly Whites
This is Perfect if you're wanting to achieve a Very Noticeably Whiter smile! You'll have people asking you what you've done as Everyone will notice! This is ideal if you have a few stains you would like to whiten,especially if you're a coffee, soda or wine drinker. This Service lasts an hour. Be sure to checkout our Teeth Whitening Packages For long term results. You will Receive a take home teeth Remineralizing treatment to restore minerals that in return strengthen your enamel ($50 Value) to avoid any sensitivity. This is a 60 min Service.
Whitening Boost
This is perfect if you're wanting to achieve a noticeable whiter smile! This Service lasts 40 min & you'll be IG Picture Ready right after!
Whitening Refresher
This is Perfect for those who are wanting a refresher on their pearly whites, this is ideal for those with sensitive teeth. Service only lasts 20 min.
Color booster
Freshen up your Brows sooner than the annual touch up. For current clients only. This Service can only be booked if it's within 4 months of your initial Microblading Service. this is offered every 4 months or sooner.
Ombré color booster
4 month color booster for ombré technique
5-8 Month Color Booster
This is a touch up for those of us that dont need it at the four months, or missed our four month appt.
5-8 month Ombre Color Booster
Yearly Touch up
If I have done your Microblading in the past year and you feel like you are ready to fill them back in! I can definitely help! this is also the set price after going 8 months or more from your last touch up service. This is only if you can still see previous Microblading otherwise it’s a new session at new session price.
Ombre yearly touch up
For clients that are in need of their Ombre yearly touch up.
Wellness profile
Find out where you stand & get a custom meal plan according to your goals and budget.
Microblading Class
The kit in class comes Microblading pen And waiver forms for clients 8 color Inks 25 blades 25Mascara wands to brush eyebrows 45Ink rings Class is $1,915 Deposit is $515
If you’re wanting more info and need peace of mind before booking

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