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Glam Candi is a full luxury serviced beauty bar that provides Makeup, NailCare, Lashes & Waxing
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Our Services

Flawless Finish Air Brush Makeup
Airbrush makeup is a full face complimented sprayed on foundation that will give you a flawless finish look. Airbrush makeup is non transferable, weather proof, heat proof, & sweat proof & long lasting.(Highly recommended for Bridal Makeup & Special Occasion)
Micro shading Mix
Microshading Mix is a Semi Permanent brow treatment that provides you a Full Natural Glam Brow by Depositing pigment in your skin! Also known as “Combo Brows” this service is a combination of Microblading & Shading. Your brows will have the illusion of hair strokes at the beginning of the Brow & A Shading affect starting at the base, Leading to the tail of the Brow. (Recommended for All Skin Types)(Last 1-2 Years)
Microblading/shading mix consultation
Ombré Brows
Ombre Powder Brows are shaded in from light to dark, giving an ombre effect that looks soft and natural. The technique is done by using a small handheld machine, comprising of a specialized and sterile needle that inserts pigmentation beneath the upper layers of the skin. This cosmetic eyebrow technique will mimic the appearance of conventional brow makeup whether it be a pencil or shadow. Unlike the harsh block tattooing of the past, the powdered ombre brows looks completely natural and can be individually customized.
Half Face Glam
This service would be considered a “Natural Beat. With this service you would Recieve Brows & Lashes.(No Eyeshadow) Skin Prep, Foundation, Highlight & Contour, Highlighter & Lip Color!
Glam Candi Full Face Makeup
Full face includes: Skin prep, Color Correcting, Foundation, (including highlighting & Contouring) Eyeshadow, Brow Fill, Strip Lash Application, blush & Lip Color. Inquire for additional details. Bottom lashes will require an additional fee.
iCandi Makeup w/ Lips
This service includes foundation, blush, eyeshadow, brow fill, strip lashes & a lip color to finish off your glam look!
iCandi Makeup
This service is specifically designed for eye enhancement! It includes eyeshadow, brow fill with concealer, striplashes & complimentary foundation.
Brow wax & Sculpt
Shaping the eyebrow by using a soft wax & finish with a brow powder and highlight/concealer to accent the eyebrow.
Brow wax & Tint
Shaping eyebrows with soft wax. Brow tint will adjust your eyebrow tone to perfection with a customized brow tint color. The tint is a dye that colors your brow hairs and will approximately last up to 2 weeks!
Brow Tint Only
Brow tint will adjust your eyebrow tone to perfection with a customized brow tint color. The tint is a dye that colors your brow hairs and will approximately last up to 2 weeks!
Microblading 3D Hair Strokes
Microblading a 2 year lasting eyebrow tattoo. Its done by a using a tiny blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis to provide real hair like strokes on the eyebrow. Requires a mandatory touch up in 6-8 Weeks after the touch up!
Microblading touch up
4-6 weeks after first microblading procedure. This is to correct any hair strokes that may come off. The first microblading procedure does not stay 100% since it's done on the very surface of the skin.
Lip wax
Chin wax
Neck wax
Waxing below the chin to bottom of neck with the choice of hard or soft wax.
Strip lashes
Strip lashes last 2-3 Days
Mink Strip Lashes
Pricing includes installation and strip lash price. These super luxurious 100% mink lash strips can be worn up to 25x with proper care. $25.00 without application
Individual lashes
Individual lash clusters glued to the base of the lash line that lasts up to 2 weeks
One on one Makeup Class
Learn How to go From a day to night look! Find out what colors & foundation works best for your skin tone. Have a certain look in mind? (I.e) Smokey eye, natural beauty, Bold Lip? Maybe a look you've seen in a magazine or online? Learn how to recreate it! $65 with a cosmetic purchase in required!
Glam Candi Full Face With Mink Lashes
Bridal Consultation
Brow Fill
Billion Dollar Brow Tutorial
One on one brow class. Learn how to get the perfect brow shape by filling in your brows! Brow Kit is included! (Brow powder, brow wax, concealer, dual brow brush, flat concealer brush
Microshading Mix/Ombré Brow Touch Up
Brows & Lashes
A brow fill with a strip application! Foundation is included
60 min facial (special)
A customized 60 min facial geared towards the skins specific needs. Created to bring the skin back into it’s fullness.
30 min facial (special)
Customizable facial created to rejuvenate skin and bring a glow.
10 min facial
Express facial for an easy achieved radiant glow
Eye treatment
Awaking under eye area with the use of jade and brightening products. (This can be an add on Service or solo service)

Our Staff

Alissia Brown
Desireé Woodland