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The V Spa is your go-to location for advanced treatments and corrective skincare! We offer a wide variety of services including waxing, permanent makeup, microblading and more.
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Our Services

Brow Tinting
Package Of 4
Customized Pumped Up Facial
Customized pumped up Mini Treatment
Cabernet Peel/TCA/Jesner
Lash Tinting
Tweezing Only
Lash Removal
Please choose wellness evaluation if you are looking for the wellness service. This consultation covers everything else
Wellness Evaluation
Auto Debit Package
Choose what works for you! Only pay for what you need!
Therapeutic Massage w/ Essential OIls
60 Min full body massage
Laser hair removal consultation
A consultation must be done for this service. A team member will book your services once a consult is complete
LHR Chin
LHR Unibrow
LHR Sideburns
Neck Or Nape
Top of feet
Happy trail
Small of the back
Leg/bikini combo
Mini Facial Treatment
A 30 minutes service that can be done on your lunch hour! A customized mini treatment is quick and effective and can be combined with any other skin care service. Leave with a radiant glow and a fresh feeling of smooth satin skin.
Customized Facial
Every service at The V Spa is designed for you but the most important of all is your facials. Each treatment needs to meet the needs you are having right now. A 60 minute service will offer full scale exfoliation and masques. As well, peels are amazing to top off this service as well as warm towels and facial massage. This is a great starter treatment for those who have never had a facial before.
Chin/sideburn or cheek
High Frequency Therapy
Full Leg
Pumped Up Facial
Wow, what a name! But, it describes this service to exactly what it does! The V Spa takes all the details of a traditional facial and combines it with the power of amazing products and boom.... a pumped up skincare routine for even the most advanced facial enthusiast. Combining acids and peels and masques all in one treatment makes this facial several steps above the rest. Ask us if this is something for you!
Oxygen Facial treatment
Oxygen is the life force of everything, including skin. This treatment involves the process of bringing oxygen back into the skin and promoting the best circulation possible. With steam, a specific combination of professional products and our expertise of skin, this treatment hydrates, plumps skin and evens out spots. Its a super relaxing, yet invigorating for the skin. You will surely go back to this service over and over.
Half Arm
Pumped up Oxygen Facial
Combining the benefits of good circulation, good products and a fabulous relaxing facial is essential in this treatment. Whether you need a therapeutic facial or just a relaxing experience with some added benefits, this pumped up treatment offers both with a peel added in the mix for an over the top feeling of renewal! Worth every minute, when your service is complete, you will feel like you had a facelift!
Half Leg
Happy Trail
Rear Waxing
Tinting for Brows and/or Lashes
A vegetable based tint is applied directly to the lashes to cover gray, pump up color or give the allusion of fuller brows. This is a very safe application that is considerably less irritating to the skin then regular professional hair colour because its designed for your face. Fading is gentle and slow and can last all month long. ***Combine with service with a brow waxing or dermaplaning for a complete brow makeover!
Lip Wax
Waxing had made it possible to have a hair free face all the time. Getting rid of those embarrassing little hairs make all the difference. All face waxing is available at our new Brow Bar! ** all waxing can be combined with other services
Arm Waxing
Are you self conscience of the hair on your arms? Give waxing a try. Leaving you smooth and hair free for weeks, this is sure to make you more comfortable in short sleeve shirts
Leg Waxing
Summertime is not the only time for smooth legs! Waxing is amazing for vacation where you don't want to waste time shaving or cutting yourself. Get a consultation to determine a schedule and see if this service is ideal for you!
Toe Waxing (Top of foot)
Yes, you read that right. Hair on your feet actually means that you have great circulation, but it doesn't look fun in sandals. So, anytime you need this area touched up, give us a call!
Happy Trail/ Tummy
Yes, we even wax your tummy. This service is for the small patches of hair near the naval and above the pubic bone. This is different from bikini waxing and a much smaller area. This area is normally included in standard bikini waxing. Men and women both have success with this waxing. Those "New Mom" hairs when we have babies sometimes get the best of us and The V Spa can make it better.
Eye Treatments
Under Eye Skin is one of the most delicate areas of the body as the skin is intensely thin. Specific treatments are designed to plump, sooth, hydrate and lessen darkness. Whatever your concerns are, we can tailor a treatment plan to get you back on track. You don't get to pick your DNA, but we can help you make the best of the skin you were given. We will always recommend home care for you to get the most out of your spa treatments. *** This service can be combined with any skin care treatment
Scalp Massage
Scalp massage is known for its healing benefits. Here at the spa, we combine traditional scalp manipulations with essential oils which in turn promote hair growth, circulation, blood flow, relief of sinus pressure, ease of headaches, and inner ear congestion. This relaxation technique can be done on anyone but we complete a consultation to pair the correct technique for your needs. Individuals getting advanced cancer treatments can benefit from this technique as well even just for relaxation.
Ear Candling
Ear Candling is an ancient technique to aide in inner ear pressure relief. The technique used with flame causes a suction like action that gently and painlessly can relieve sinus and ear pressure. In addition, studies have been done that balance and harmony are achieved by this service as well.
High Frequency Therapy
A naturally anti-bacterial process that closes pores, reduces redness and aides in the repair and reduction of acne. Normally paired together with the appropriate facial, this service can enhance not only a facial service but waxing as well to inhibit the ability of bacteria to enter into the skin as well as lessen redness from waxing.
Microdermabrasion is a powerful exfoliation and suction process that smooths out the skin on the face using a diamond tipped machine. Microderm can be paired with many skin care and body services. It has the ability to tighten skin and lessen the appearance of scars and wrinkles. One of our most popular services which rolls microderm and a mini treatment together gives you all the benefits and vitamins of the enzyme peels with the aide of the mircoderm treatment in one. Sure to be a go-to service for you!
Spray Tan
Hand Sprayed Tans
Individual Lash Extensions
Long gorgeous lashes applied lash by lash to each individual lash. Typical length of time varies by person as to how long they will last
Individual Lash Fill
Time may vary widely do this service. A consult will be done to determine your needs.
Enzyme Peel
Triple treatment
A form of semi-permanent makeup application, creating hair-like strokes on the skin. This procedure also including a touch up if done within 60 days. This process lasts apx 18 months.
Lash Lift
If you are looking for a lash alternative, you have found it. Lash Lift, also known as Lash Perming, is a great way to forget about lash extensions because this service will enhance your natural lashes by giving them a lift.

Our Staff

Donna B
Donna comes with many years of massage experience. Feel free to book a free consultation with her so she can determine the best treatment plan for you.
Valerie R
Valerie is a master Aesthetician in skin care products and services as well as being certified in Ardell lash extensions, OPI and Gelish certified, Nufree hair removal certified, provides makeup for weddings and photoshoots and is Chemical peel certified

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