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Our Services

Spiritual Deepening: Elements Soul-Feast Spiritual Consultation/Counseling
A serving relationship, a spiritual cohort between spiritual counselor and client – providing spiritual counseling support with a spiritual alignment. A form of counseling that helps to guide individuals to embrace their spirituality, to use as a guide to deal better, with life’s trials and triumphs from an optimistic and spiritual outlook. Spirituality is trusting in a foundation greater than you, which is often called by many names in accordance with each person’s spiritual tradition. Spiritual counseling is NOT clinical counseling. If it is determined that a client may need to see a clinical counselor, he or she will be referred to one. Donation based counseling on the first Friday of each month.
Marriage Growth and Mending
Offered to couples struggling with cohesion. Any issue can be discussed in confidence. Prays and Bible teachings are introduced into every session.
Marriage Preparation Christian Counseling
Offered to discuss upcoming marriages and current areas of difficulties.
Spiritual Deepening: Bereavement Care
Although most of the ceremonies that we offer are weddings, baby blessings, and other bespoke ceremonies, our senior minister is available for memorial ceremonies as well. If you are interested in learning more about these customizable ceremonies, please contact us. In this pricing structure you will receive two(2) 50 minute individual or family therapy sessions to help you through this most difficult time. The bereavement ministry is available as a love offering for members of the Interfaith Center of Light (ICL).
Everyday Ceremony: Wedding Planning/Officiant Consultation
Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments of your life. Your ceremony should express your love for each other, and your lifelong commitment to one another. As an ordained minister and pastoral community counseling (PCC) doctoral candidate, my specialty is customizable weddings according to your faith and culture Therefore, I do not offer “cookie-cutter’ style ceremonies unless this is your preference. All fees include 1 to 2 hours of pre-planning and four hours of pastoral premarital counseling, if you are a member of this ministry; otherwise, I offer reasonable prices for this service. In addition, fees include my presence at the rehearsal, which is usually an hour or so, and about three hours on the day of the wedding.
Everyday Ceremony: Baby Naming Consultation
Consultation as the first step in creating customizable baby blessing ceremonies for you. This is first part of the completer packet.
BeSpoke Ceremony: Blessing of Home/Office
Prophetic Leadership Consultations
First Consultation meeting. Other consultations time and pricing vary based on your business requirements.
Voice Dialogue
Practice how to develop internal awareness, by understanding your inner selves. When guided, you learn to how to change old patterns, to access new avenues toward living your full potential.
Sophrology Session Individual and Groups 50 minute session per person
Designed to bring current consciousness into harmony. A modality, which includes practical physical and mental exercises aiming at a prepared mind in a focused body. Has been provided for insomnia, to boost memory, physical and emotional health, self-confidence, building stronger relationships, improve sense of purpose, mindful eating, and curve cravings. To be used as complementary care. Please consult with physician prior to first session.

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