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scrub me provides custom skin care and skin care treatments using the PCA line and our own plant based products. Our a la carte menu lets you customize your own spa experience. We offer a variety of treatments like facials, waxing, spray tan, tinting, peels, microdermabrasion and more.
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Our Services

facial consultation
If you have never had a facial or are unsure of what treatment to choose first book a consultation. Our esthetician will cleanse and take a close look at your skin while discussing goals, home skin care use and more. Bring your skin care products you are using at home to better help your esthetician know your skin.
facial: full plant based detox
Enjoy a cleansing facial using only scrub me™ products. First, exfoliate during steam before light extractions, then a lymph drainage massage will help to continue to detoxify skin. A custom, plant-based mask will be chosen for the client followed by a cooling globe treatment to finish the facial.
facial fundamentals
This is our most basic facial, but still gets the job done! We cleanse, use a decongestant mask or exfoliation during steam, and then perform extractions. Then we treat the skin with a mask customized to skin type. Enjoy a relaxing mini pressure point massage during your mask portion.
facial: exclusive facial treatment
This custom facial treatment is something we're known best for! After a consultation to assess your skin care needs that day, we begin with a 20min facial massage that's a slightly shorter version of our "facial rejuvenation" massage. Then we treat skin with a custom enzyme, scrub, or mask during steam. Extractions are performed if needed. We then use a handheld healing light that stimulates circulation to further clear and improve skin. To finish we apply a mask customized to your certain facial needs. **Enjoy a hand & foot massage during this treatment**
facial: acne
Clients struggling with breakouts are treated to a cleansing, detoxifying mask or enzyme during steam, and then extractions of blackheads. After this, we use anti-inflammatory CBD toners and a mask to heal and balance skin. To promote optimal acne relief we then use the LED blue light to kill bacteria beneath the skin.
facial massage add on: european style facial massage
A firm to the touch face and neck massage that helps lift skin tissues and promote oxygen and blood flow. This is a great anti-aging facial massage that provides ultimate relaxation for clients. Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals'.
facial massage add on: lymph drainage
A light, rhythmic facial massage that manipulates lymph and promotes drainage of toxins in the face. Enjoy a combination of massage modalities like pressure point, gua sha, and lymph drainage using hands during this massage. Suggested add on to 'facial fundamentals' or an 'acne series' facial.
facial massage add on: rejuvenation massage
Get ready for relaxation plus way more! We combined many of our wonderful massage techniques to create this 35 minute facial massage. The treatment starts off with a firm to the touch, european style massage that will get the oxygen and blood flowing. Then, a lymphatic drainage technique is used to fight puffiness or inflammation in the face; enjoy the gua sha stone during the portion! To finish the treatment we use facial cupping tools to contour & lift sallow or aging skin. Or, if you have an acneic skin type or rosacea, cooling globes will be used to finish off your treatment. Add this service to our "facial fundamentals' or enjoy on its own!
facial massage add on: hands/feet
Enjoy a relaxing hand and foot massage during your treatment. Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals', 'skin smoothing treatment', or any PCA peel treatment.
facial massage add on: cooling globe massage
A light facial massage using cool facial globes. This treatment is great for inflamed, acneic, or irritated skin. Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals' or an 'acne series' facial.
facial add on: galvanic treatment
This treatment uses a soft electric current to push treatment products further into skin and also increase oxygen and circulation in the treated area. Suggested add on to any facial or other treatment.
facial add on: ultrasonic exfoliation
This gentle exfoliation treatment uses an ultrasonic current to break down dirt, oils, and cell debris in the pores. This exfoliation treatment is a great option for acneic and sensitive skin types as well as clients with rosacea. Suggested add on to any facial or other treatment.
back cleansing treatment
Cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, and a mask. Product choice tailored to skin type. Suggested add-ons: microdermabrasion, body peel, or pca enzyme.
facial add on: collagen eye treatment
This collagen eye mask deeply hydrates and firms the eye area. Great addition for pre-event facials.
facial add on: collagen lip treatment
Add this treatment to any facial or peel for soft, smooth, and plump lips! Dead skin is gently buffed away using our antioxidant-rich polish, then we use a special collagen lip mask to soften and infuse hydration. Enjoy kissable lips!
facial add on: microcurrent skin lifting
This treatment uses micro-electrical currents to stimulate and lift neck and facial muscles. Suggested add on to any facial or other treatment.
facial add on: light therapy (red, blue, or high frequency)
Red light therapy helps stimulate collagen production and restore skin. Improving appearance of fine lines and sagging over time. Blue light therapy kills bacteria in acneic skin types, helping with inflamed breakouts. High frequency therapy acts as a nice way to spot treat pustules, extracted areas, and more. Our skin care technician will help you decide which light therapy is best. Suggested add on to any facial, peel, or other treatment.
facial add on: PCA brightening enzyme treatment (NEW)
This new enzymatic treatment uses gentle yet powerful AHAs, enzymes, and antioxidants to firm and brighten skin in just one treatment. Expect to see more even skin tone, firmer skin, and overall radiance directly after your treatment! This is best paired with our facial fundamentals, ultimate relaxation facial, or plant-based detox.
facial add on: PCA papaya enzyme
This enzyme uses a combination of papaya puree and fruit extracts to exfoliate and brighten dull skin. This enzyme can be used on most skin types and will not result in skin shedding or "peeling" Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals' or microdermabrasion.
facial add on: PCA pore detox
This blend of salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acid is a deep cleaning pore treatment. Soften and diminish blackheads, clearing pores and making extractions easier. Suggested add on to any facial.
facial add on: PCA pumpkin enzyme
This enzyme uses pumpkin puree and salicylic acid to retexturize skin types with damage from acne, the sun, or environment. This treatment is best for oily and resilient skin types. Suggested as an add on to 'facial fundamentals'
facial add on: PCA clarifying treatment
This deep cleaning and pore refining salicylic treatment resurfaces skin and clears excess oils. Best for breakout prone, oily, and resilient skin types. Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals'.
A skin smoothing exfoliation procedure that removes fine hairs and dead skin cells from the skin's surface. It is painless and there is no downtime after treatment. Best paired with any facial or peel.
Our diamond tipped microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates and stimulates collagen and elastin while bringing circulation to the surface. Great for smoothing fine lines, rejuvenating healthy skin, and brightening over time. Suggested add on to 'facial fundamentals', 'ultimate relaxation', 'plant detox' or any peel, or other treatment.
PCA peel: sensi
This lactic and TCA peel is best for sensitive skin types or clients looking for a light peel. This treatment will help brighten, soften, and even skin tone over time. Some clients should expect some skin shedding a few days after. Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals'.
PCA peel: treatment for dark spotting
This lactic and salicylic peel has an added skin lightening ingredient called hydroquinone. This peel will smooth and brighten skin while targeting dark spotting caused by sun, acne, and hormones. Some clients should expect some skin shedding a few days after. Suggested add on for 'facial fundamentals'.
PCA peel: Ultra peel
This lactic and TCA peel is our strongest peel. Best for mature skin types or clients that have had peels in the past. This treatment will soften, brighten, even skin tone, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time. Some clients should expect some skin shedding a few days after. Suggested add on to 'facial fundamentals'.
PCA peel: retinol booster cream
This vitamin A cream is a great addition to any peel or exfoliating treatment. A retinol blend helps further brighten, even tone, and firm skin. This cream may increase shedding of skin cells after a peel or salicylic treatment.
facial add on: PCA oxygenating treatment
This 3 step treatment increases circulation, detoxifies, and infuses antioxidants into skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. This is a great pre-event treatment, anti-aging treatment, or healing treatment for acneic skin. Suggested add on to 'facial fundamentals', 'skin smoothing treatment' or a PCA peel.
PCA peel: body peel
This 2 step treatment includes a pre-peel mask that softens thicker skin on the body. Then, a lactic, salicylic, TCA blend is used to brighten, soften, and even skin tone on the body. Body peels are popular for backs of arms, legs, scarring on the body, and more. Some skin types may experience skin shedding.
body treatment: body polish
Receive a full body exfoliation using exfoliating gloves paired with a brightening grapefruit essential oil. Then skin is nourished with your choice of lavender, lemongrass, or unscented shea butter.
waxing: nostrils
Removal of nostril hair using cirepil hard wax.
waxing: brows
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: lip
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: chin
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: sides of face
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: arms
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: half arm
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: underarms
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: half legs
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: abdomen
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: bikini
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax.
waxing: modified bikini
Waxing using cirepil hard or soft wax. If you wish to take more hair than your regular bikini line.
waxing: back of neck
waxing: chest
Chest wax for men
waxing: back
full back wax for men
spray tan (all natural/organic)
SunFX is the healthy sunless tanning alternative, offering perfect coverage for a fast, natural looking tan. A combination of Organic, Natural and Hypo-Allergenic ingredients that not only deliver the perfect tan but build, nourish and hydrate the skin all at the same time. **Call us to inquire about home visits**
tinting: brows
Darken brows or cover grey hairs.
tinting: lashes
Refresh eyelashes by tinting them dark brown or black.

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