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Our Services

Standard $125 - New Patient Evaluation
Approx. 20 minute visit with Dr. Simmons twice a year ($125 per visit). Patient education focused on start up in the first visit and medication management in the 2nd visit. Good choice for those who want affordable access with more frequent follow up and physician input into their program. If you select this option, you must schedule the Standard $125 Established Patient follow up option for your next visit prior to your 6 month anniversary of your card issue date. If you do not schedule the follow up appointment prior to the 6 month card anniversary date you will only be allowed a 90 day refill on follow up instead of a 6 month refill. This limitation is placed by the registry, not our clinic.
Standard $125 - Established Patient Follow up
Choose this option if you were seen by Dr. Simmons initially on the Standard $125 plan and you are approaching your 6 month card anniversary date (check your card issue date). It is important to schedule this appointment prior to reaching your 6 month date in order to assure that you are able to access the full potential of your refills. If you schedule this appointment after your 6 month date, you will only be able to receive a 90 day refill (not full 6 months).
Express $199 - New Patient Evaluation
Approx. 30 minute visit with Dr. Simmons once a year. Patient education focused on patient startup and tips for medication management. Good choice for those who self educate, are comfortable managing their program, are experienced cannabis users, logistically cannot see the doctor more than once a year, or prefer to see the doctor only once a year.
Express $199 - Established Patient Follow up
Approx. 30 minute visit with Dr. Simmons once a year. Choose this option if you are up for annual renewal of your card (check your card expiration date) and you are comfortable with your medical marijuana regimen.
Transfer Patient $150- For Patients Originally Seen at Another Clinic
If you were initially evaluated and registered by another clinic and would like to transfer your care to Ohio Herbal Clinic, please choose this option. Typically the original clinic has closed or the original doctor is no longer providing medical marijuana recommendations. You must already be a registered Ohio Medical Marijuana patient to use this option. This option is ideal when you are approaching your card expiration date in order to maximize the number of allowed refills (up to 12 months). If you are partially through your card cycle your refills will be restricted (less than 12 months) as per the registry.

Our Staff

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