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If you want to be completely hair free, and this is the service for you! We promise it isn’t nearly as bad as you imagine and the end results are well worth the minimal discomfort that occurs during the service!

$63 · 20 minutes

In Betwini

Want more hair gone than just the bikini line but not ready to go totally smooth? Then this is your service! You tell us exactly where you want hair, and where you don't!

Starting at $47 · 20 minutes

Bikini Line

Be confident in any swimsuit knowing nothing will show outside your suit!

$32 · 15 minutes

Brow Maintenance

Brow cleanup only.

$18 · 15 minutes

Brow Design

We discuss your ideal brow shape and how to get you there! Includes brow wax and brow tinting service, or brow wax and brow powder tutorial so you can recreate your perfect brows at home!

$32 · 25 minutes

Lash Lift

Get the look of perfectly curled lashes without the damage of using a lash curler everyday! Lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks!

$73 · 45 minutes

Wonder Brows

Brow Lamination, brow wax, and tint all included.

$85 · 45 minutes

Lash Consultation

Come in for a free consultation to make sure that lash extensions are the right service for you!

Free · 15 minutes

Product Pickup

Out of your favorite product? Reserve a 15 minute time slot to swing by and pick up what you need!

Free · 15 minutes

Customized Facial

A completely customized facial treatment to address your skin care concerns in the most relaxing possible way! Using results oriented products to target and treat your skin. Get your glow on!

$68 · 1 hour

Chocolate Cherry Bomb Facial

$95 · 1 hour

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial treatments enhance the available oxygen to the skin, boosts circulation, stimulating cell turnover, and leaving the complexion hydrated, plump and revitalized. High concentrations of oxygen also trigger the body’s own healing functions. Furthermore, in an oxygen-rich environment bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections simply do not survive so it can significantly improve break out prone skin!

$115 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Cherry Blossom Facial

$95 · 1 hour

Gold and Glow Facial

$100 · 1 hour

Acne Facial

Deep cleansing and exfoliation to clear congested skin followed by skin calming products to reduce the redness and inflammation that so often goes along with chronic breakouts.

$84 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Aromatherapy Facial

The focus of this skincare treatment is to optimize relaxation. Essential oils bring peace to your senses and help quiet your mind, and the extra massage melts away tension.

$80 · 1 hour

Anti-Aging Facial

Within minutes your skin begins an incredible transformation! Youthful firmness begins to return, radiance increases, and aging skin looks and feels years younger! Uses the powerful CellActif Plus 3 Phase Youth Activating Treatment System to reclaim your youthful glow!

$115 · 1 hour

Back Facial

$50 · 45 minutes

Keratin Infusion Lift

Lifts your lashes just like regular perm based lash lifts BUT with zero chance of damage to the natural lashes! In fact, after three treatments lashes are longer and healthier! Also a great treatment for anyone who’s had extensions that have damaged their natural lashes.

$125 · 1 hour 15 minutes

London Volume Full Set

Get the most dense, fullest set of volume lashes possible with this set! Your lashes will be so thick and dark it will mimic the look of strip lashes ready for the red carpet! Please come to your appointment with clean lashes and no makeup on so we can spend our appointment time applying as many lashes as possible!

$250 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Hybrid Lash Set

Single extensions mixed with handmade volume fans create density and drama without weighing down the natural lashes. Please come to your appointment with clean lashes and no makeup on so we can spend as much time applying lashes as possible!

$200 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Classic Full Set

Full set of classic lashes for the girl who wants more than what mother nature gave her! 90-150 extensions are applied per eye, enhancing curl, length and fullness!

$175 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Demi Set

A more natural looking set that blends in with your natural lashes for a subtle difference that will be sure to get you noticed!

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes

30 Minute Lash Fill

Need a quick touch up before your regular fill for a special night out or event? Or maybe you just can't stand anything less than having full fluffy lashes! If you still have approximately 70% of your set, this service will get you back to perfection!

$45 · 45 minutes

1 Hour Lash Fill

This is the typical maintenance fill appointment for all lash extension services, which will need to be done on average every 2-3 weeks depending on typical client retention. You should still have at least 50-60% of your set for this appointment. Please come to your appointment with clean lashes and makeup free so we can spend every second applying new lashes!!

$85 · 1 hour 15 minutes

1.5 Hour Lash Fill

Waited a bit too long between fills? If you have less than 50% of your extensions left, this service is for you. Please come your appointment with clean lashes and makeup free so we have ample time to get you back to lash glam status!

$120 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Brow Tint

Using eye safe vegetable based tinting products, enjoy filled in brows for up to 2 weeks!

$20 · 15 minutes

Lash Tint

Darken your lashes and skip the mascara to make them look fuller and more defined! The product used is a vegetable based tint specifically formulated to be safe near the eyes. Lasts 2-3 weeks.

$20 · 20 minutes

Brow Henna

Customizable shades of BH Brow Henna will give your eyebrows expressive volume, rich color, and incredible fixation for up to six weeks!

$34 · 45 minutes

Full Arm

Get smooth from your shoulders to your fingertips! Does not include underarm area.

$47 · 30 minutes

Half Arm

Feel perfectly smooth from your elbows to your fingertips!

$20 · 15 minutes


Be bold in all your sleeveless shirts and tank tops! You'll never pick up a razor again! Can help with the darkening of the skin that is typical after years of shaving too!

$22 · 10 minutes

Leg Full

Nothing to see other than gorgeous legs from bikini line to the floor!

$75 · 45 minutes

Leg Half

Get shorts and sandals weather ready by getting smooth skin from the knee to your toes!

$37 · 20 minutes

Chest Full

Includes everything from the neck down to the belt line!

$70 · 1 hour

Back Full

For the fellas who don't want to look like they are wearing a sweater AFTER they take their shirts off!

$55 · 45 minutes