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At Juniper Spa & Yoga Studio we are committed to the well-being of our clients, team, and community through our genuine passion for healing & renewal. It is our mission to provide a holistic approach to wellness, through the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and sacred spirit. *Please note - we are located on the backside/west side of the Cherry Hill Building. *Yoga class schedule can be viewed at ***Please call to book if you have a Gift Certificate, this site will automatically charge your credit card***
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Our Services

Juniper Signature Massage 90mins
Our Signature Massage includes a warm Juniper infused towel placed along the back to begin the process of relieving muscular tension & stress. Next, your Therapist will customize an essential oil blend that will absorb into the skin during your massage to promote the bodies natural healing abilities.
Juniper Signature Massage 60mins
120min Massage
90min Massage
60min Massage
30min Massage
Hot Stone 90mins
Our Therapists use hot lava stones as their tool to release tension from deep within soft tissue layers. The heat from the stones help warm the affected area & break up adhesions. This technique can be customized to your level of comfort, choose from a more intense pressure or a relaxing, soothing treatment to help reduce stress.
Hot Stone 60mins
Juniper Signature Facial
*All treatments at Juniper are customized for each clients skin type & needs. Our Juniper Signature Facial is a classic European facial with additional enhancements included: Lip Revive, Eye Rescue, and a soothing warm stone massage on neck and shoulders will provide a deeper sense of relaxation & rejuvenation.
Ageless Facial
This wonderful facial is for anyone concerned about the signs of aging. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating mask, and ultrasonic application that helps push product into deeper layers of the skin. Our eye rejuvenation uses micro-current technology to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area and reduce under eye puffiness and sagging.
Organic Facial
Our Organic Facial honors the individual needs of our guests, utilizing the wisdom of an ancient healthcare system. While staying as close to nature as possible this facial seeks to balance your specific skin type. We use organic, small-batch products & fresh ingredients that aim to serve your specific Dosha. Ayurveda is Living in tune with nature.
Express Facial
The Express Facial is a 30min treatment which includes a cleanse, exfoliation, and calming massage.
European Facial
Our European Facial is customized specifically to what you're wanting to focus on whether it be anti-aging, calming sensitive skin, or relieving acne. Enjoy a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, mask, and steam.
O2 Lift
The O2 Lift is great for all skin types, this luxurious skin care treatment infused oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving is luminous & refreshed.
30% Glycolic Peel
Our glycolic peel is great for acne and congested or oily skin. It repairs and regenerates the skin, helping to improve the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, and texture.
Brow Bar
Includes: wax, tint & sculpt
Waxing Services - Face
Lip, Nose, Cheek, Chin, Brow
Waxing Services
Brazilian, Bikini, Back, Chest, Stomach
Lip & Eye Rejuvenation
Specialized lip & eye treatment. *Add on service
Neck Renewal
This treatment smooths and hydrates the skin of the neck & chest leaving it moisturized and retextured! *Add on service
High Frequency & Blemish Treatment
Acne spot treatment
Sugar Foot Scrub
Add-on service Only: Enjoy a relaxing foot scrub to exfoliate dry, dead skin and leave the feet soft & hydrated. Choose from a variety of scents!
Garshana + Oil Application
Your Therapist will use a dry-hand brush to gently exfoliate top layers of dead skin cells to soften skin & promote a healthy glow. Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic technique used to stimulate nerve endings, flush lymphatic fluid, and boost your immune system. Juniper's Garshana process involves exfoliating the skin, applying warm towels to open pores, and oil application.
Garshana + Massage
Your Therapist will use a dry-hand brush to gently exfoliate top layers of dead skin cells to soften skin & promote a healthy glow. Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic technique used to stimulate nerve endings, flush lymphatic fluid, and boost your immune system. Juniper's Garshana process involves exfoliating the skin, applying warm towels to open pores, and oil application with customized infused essential oil blend with massage.
Traditional Fire Cupping 90mins
Fire Cupping is an ancient healing method of removing blood stagnation involving glass cups. Fire is quickly inserted & removed from a glass cup, then placed onto the skin -this creates a vacuum that pulls affected soft tissue up into the cup. This technique removes toxins & improves circulation. Restricted tissues are lifted & separated while muscular tension is released. Combined with Massage this modality is highly effective at relieving pain & improving ones life force energy.
Traditional Fire Cupping 60mins
Suction Cupping Therapy 90mins
Suction Cupping Therapy is similar to Fire Cupping, but instead of using fire to create the suction a hand-held pump is used to create lift & separation of the tissues. *This treatment is combined with massage for maximum effectiveness.
Suction Cupping Therapy 60mins
Gua Sha + Massage 90mins
Your therapist will use a hand held tool to 'scrape' the skin in specific areas on the body. This ancient healing method is well-known in Southeast Asia as a way to reduce pain, stiffness and fatigue. *combined with massage and moxibustion for maximum effectiveness
Gua Sha + Massage 60mins
Reflexology + Massage
Begin this holistic & detoxifing treatment with a juniper-infused foot soak to soothe tired, achy feet. This integrative approach increases stimulation of the nerve endings on the bottoms of the feet while calming the entire body. End with a focused, therapeutic back massage to further relieve stress and manage pain and moxibustion.
Ear Candling
Ear Candling is a holistic way of removing debris & impurities from the ear canal. This allows for a clear vibrational flow to the corresponding areas of the mind & body via energetic nerve pathways or meridians. This process has a very relaxing effect on the whole body & is non-invasive.
Private Yoga Session
60mins of personalized attention, perfect for those not yet comfortable in a group setting, recovering from injury, or have specific goals in mind. Private sessions are geared toward restorative, healing postures with customized sequences that will help reduce stress & tension in the mind-body and restore a sense of balance back to your everyday life. *Great choice for those just beginning their yoga journey to wellness!
Men's Menu: Juniper Gents Facial
Enjoy a deep pore cleanse with detoxifying charcoal soap & Juniper infused towels. This facial is great for men experiencing razor burn, ingrown hairs, or acne. Have a beard? Enjoy our complimentary beard oil application to soften and hydrate your stubble. *Take home your charcoal soap!
Men's Menu: Arnica Deep Tissue Massage
Begin with a Juniper infused hot towel along the spine to ease muscular tension, follwed by a deep tissue massage on the back, neck, and shoulders using pain relieving arnica oil.
Men's Menu: Back Buffer
Our Cedar & Tobacco scrub with steam will exfoiliate and replenish hydration - this is great for acneic, dry skin, or ingrown hairs, followed by a refreshing application of tea trea lotion.

Our Staff

My name is Aaron Michael Hatcher, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and RYT 200 hour certified yoga teacher. I offer intuitive massage that is tailored to your specific needs. I have over 8000 professional massages under my belt and I feel extremely comfortable working on the anatomical human body.
Ethan Hatcher
Ethan is a Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapist. Originally from Lincoln, he earned his 1000hr certification from Myotherapy Institute in 2015. His backround as a CNA and years of collaborating with physicians and physical therapists has given him a well-rounded knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, and a compassionate approach to clients’ needs. He values educating the client, and carefully listening to achieve the needs of each individual. He utilizes a combination of clinically based massage therapy, gentle assisted stretches, medical massage and trigger point therapy to ease stress, relieve pain, and promote healing.
Kayla Hernandez
Kayla Hernandez is a Nebraska Licensed Esthetician. She has always been interested in helping people feel their best. She enjoys helping people relax and feel comfortable in their own skin. She is excited to learn more in the industry while at Juniper. She hopes to improve not only her career but also herself. Kayla is a graduate of the College of Hair Design Esthetic program, and has been with Juniper for over a year!
Michelle Rieflin
-Owner- Michelle is a Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapist. Graduating from Myotherapy Institute with a 1,000 hr AAS Degree in 2006. Michelle’s specializes in deep tissue, reflexology and aromatherapy. "Being a massage therapist is gratifying knowing I can help people everyday whether it be pain management or relieving stress" -Michelle
Mindy Horn
- Owner - Mindy is a Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapist with a 1000hr AAS Degree from the Myotherapy Institute. Mindy has over 13 years of experience in massage and specializes in cupping therapy, therapeutic massage & ancient healing. Mindy is a 200hr Registered Yoga Instructor and graduated from Lincoln Yoga Center in 2014. “Every body is unique, knowing this I keep an open mind and listen to the specific needs of each client. Massage helps us connect and listen to our bodies, this starts the process of healing.” -Mindy