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* Christina's Catering & Events - a full-service catering and event planning company with over 35 years of catering/planning experience in the tri-state area. Christina's Catering caters at many wonderful and unique wedding venues from Phila. to Lancaster & NJ. Call or schedule a chat time to discuss your wedding/event needs with our catering services at our Featured Venues. (We only need 5 minutes of your time. If you have more time to discuss your event - that's great - contact us today)
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Event Chat
Chat with Christina's Catering. Discuss your wedding vision and learn more about wedding venues options with catering by Christina's Catering that fit within your style and budget. Typically time needed is 5-10 minutes, if you have more that's great. We want to learn more about your wedding/event style so we can help you plan your dream wedding/event.

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