A place for people to book intuitive guidance sessions to uncover what is unknown, what may come, how to grow and how to heal.
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What's Poppin? (Personal)
A 3 card tarot session that covers the energies of the past, the current energies influencing you at present and potential energies that may hold influence over your future. This session typically lasts about 30 minutes and is better suited for those who just want an idea of what's going on around them.
I Am Confusion!
A 30-minute tarot session geared towards gaining a sense of clarity about a specific area of concern for you. This session implements a specific spread to offer you the most clarity and understanding. This session is great for those who have a question they've been dying to have answered or are just extremely confused about an event or person in their life.
What's Poppin? (Personal Extended Cut)
A 9 card tarot spread that covers the energies affecting your past, present and future. This is more in-depth general energy reading and is good for people who enjoy a little more detail about what could be influencing their life. What's Poppin? Personal Extended Cut sessions last about 1 hour.
Witchin' & Bitchin'
A 1-hour personal venting session that focuses on developing a more positive outlook on the events or person(s) that upset you. Here you are allowed 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to vent about whatever is bothering you at this time. The next 30 minutes consists of a tarot reading, to help you navigate the issue, and a "cool down" period to help relax your mind before returning to the rest of your day.
Expectation Vs. Reality
A 1-hour session that focuses on goals/intention setting. This session is designed to aid you in figuring out what your goals are and then intuitively interpret its potential success using tarot. The tarot will also be used to navigate the most practical ways to get there successfully. This session is for people who are apprehensive about obtaining their goals and could use some encouragement, realism, and guidance.
Heartbreak Help
A 1-hour personal development session that offers 30 minutes of uninterrupted grieving/venting time followed by a tarot/oracle reading for guidance on how to heal and move forward. The session ends with a "cool down" period to help you reshift your energy into a more positive vibration so you can enjoy the rest of your day.
No More Drama (Relationship Help)***
A 1-hour session that consists of 30 minutes of talk time to discuss and take note of trending issues in the relationship. This is followed by a 30-minute tarot session geared towards helping to resolve the conflict(s) and a "cool down" period filled with tips on how to develop a stronger, healthier relationship. *The term "relationship" here applies to romantic, platonic and familial.* **Please be mindful that not all conflicts can be solved with one session it will take maximum effort from you and your partner to manifest a satisfying resolution. All good and healthy relationships take time, understanding, and healthy boundaries.***
Tha Life After (Loss Help)***
A 3-part personal development series geared towards helping you cope with loss of all kinds and assignments to help you develop healthy positive ways to deal with and move forward from your loss. Each session is a blend of grieving time, intuitive guidance and tips to help your progress. Each session will come with a personal assignment via pdf in your follow up email. *** This series is 3 months long in order to ensure the proper develop positive thoughts and habits after a loss. This consists of a 1-hour session a month complete with an assignment along with bi-weekly follow up emails for support and to answer any questions.***
Expectation Vs. Reality (Extended Cut)***
All of the things you love about the Expectation Vs. Reality reading in a 3-part series of sessions. Each session lasts one hour and comes with personal assignments to better guide your focus and help you work towards attaining your goals/manifestation. This series is for people who are really serious about goal setting or for those who need more guidance. *** This series is 3 months long in order to ensure the proper develop positive thoughts and habits towards realistic goal/intention setting and achievement/manifestation. This consists of a 1-hour session a month complete with an assignment paired with bi-weekly follow up emails for support and to answer any questions.

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