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Tattoo Appointment
If you already know what Tattoo design you want and who you want it done by, click here. Your artist will be in direct contact with you shortly to confrim details of your tattoo. If you do not know who you would like to do your tattoo go ahead and click here, we will match the best artist to the needs of your peice. Please add notes and pictures if you have them. Time will be blocked off for your tattoo by the artist after corrisponding with you, as needed.
Consultation Appointment
This Appointment reserves time for the client and artist to sit down face to face to discuss your tattoo. If you are looking to receive a larger piece, i.e. full back piece, sleeve, or half-sleeve this would be the best, first step to ensure that you and your artist are best prepared. You and your artist will go over all aspects of the tattoo project including cost, colors, placement, and preliminary drawings. The cost of this appointment is not applied to the final cost of your tattoo, this is a flat fee that pays the artist for there time and artwork that they set aside for you and your tattoo.
Tattoo Appointment with Joe Tatum-Deposit $100
For custom artwork drawn and tattooed by Joe Tatum. All artwork will be ready the day of your appointment and you will be in close contact with Joe before hand to discuss your tattoo at length. The deposit for the appointment is $100 which will be applied to the end cost of your tattoo. No drawing will be done by Joe until a deposit is made and appointment confirmed. Any drawings posted for available tattoo designs will remain available until a client pays a deposit and an appointment is confirmed.
Tattoo Appointment with Lumberjack Tom-Deposit $80 Artist Minimum $150
This is an appointment with Lumberjack Tom for custom drawn tattoo work. Tom has a minimum of $150 for any work done by him. The cost of the appointment is $80 and will be applied to the final cost of the tattoo. After making your appointment Tom will contact you through email and will start working on the artwork for the tattoo. No artwork will be started without a booked and confirmed appointment with Tom. All pre designed art is available until an appointment is booked and confirmed.

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