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EAP (Employee Assistance Program) (Virtual Only)

45 minutes

Indivdual Video Session

A new link to the video portal is required for each appointmnent.

$120 · 45 minutes

Session In Office

45 minutes


$60 · 30 minutes

Virtual Session

45 minutes

EAP Session In Person

45 minutes

Phone session

For phone sessions please call 678-820-9053 at the time of the appointment. For TeleMed session request a link at the time of the appointment:

Call Us $120 · 45 minutes

Pre-Marital Counseling (Virtual Only)

A series of six sessions designed to help the couple gain a better understanding of the responsibilities of marriage.

Call Us $50 · 45 minutes

Couples/Marital Counseling (Virtual Only)

Call Us $120 · 45 minutes


Nadim Ali