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Our Services

Women's haircut
Haircut includes shampooing head massage, conditioner and blow-dry.
Men's Haircut
Natural Balayage w/olaplex
Using a clay based lightener to sweep the lightener on to your hair, adding dimension. Balayage gives your hair a more natural sun kissed look. A Toner is applied to your hair after balayage to enhance the color for your desired tone (warmer or cooler). Olaplex is added to protect and repair your hair.
Natural Balayage w/olaplex & Haircut
Natural Balayage where the highlights are painted on with a clay based lightener to create dimension and a natural sun kissed look. Olaplex (essential to healthy hair) is included in the color and gloss. Haircut to compliment the color.
Dramatic Balayage or Ombre' w/olaplex
This is a Balayage that pops. Still more defused at the roots than traditional highlights, but more contrast than the natural balayage. *Balayage is a technique that can be used to create Ombre (dark roots to light ends). A Toner is applied to your hair after balayage to enhance the color for your desired tone (warmer or cooler). Olaplex is added to protect and repair your hair.
Dramatic Balayage w/Olapex & Haircut
Highlights/Lowlights w/olaplex
Creating dimension with high or low contrast, to your hair. Olaplex is included to protect the hair and help repair it.
Highlights/Lowlights w/olaplex & Haircut
Olaplex included in this service to protect and help repair hair.
Root touch up
For coverage of new growth at your root area. Not for a bleach touch up, retouch of highlights or Balayage. Please book Balayage or Highlights when in need of those services.
Root Touch-up & Haircut
Root touch up, partial balayage or partial highlights & Olaplex
Root Touch up & Partial balayage/Highlight w/olaplex & Haircut
Toner and Olaplex included to this service as well.
Gloss or Toning treatment w/Olaplex
Gloss, clear or with color neutralizing tone (example: violet toner to rid brassy tone) with Olaplex treatment in the gloss to improve hair health and increase longevity of the gloss or toner.
Add on Toner/Gloss w/Olaplex
Add-on toner with Olaplex to a haircut service for amazingly shiny tone refresh!
Add on Olaplex
If you are receiving a root touch-up and you would like the rest of your hair to be treated with Olaplex, this is a great option for you!
Add on Hydrating Mask
Treat your hair with an extra infusion of moisture. This mask is a great for all hair types (as it doesn't way it down). It hydrates, reduces frizz, makes it feel softer and shinier! Its a great treatment to add to any service.
All over color w/Olaplex
For an all over color change, using demi or permanent color to darken hair or lighten 1-3 shades and Olaplex hair treatment for healthy hair.
All over Color w/Olaplex & Haircut
Olaplex Treatment & Blow-out
Olaplex application to your hair on its own to provide a potent repairing of your hair.
Brazilian Blowout Treatment
Keratin hair smoothing treatment, great for anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair. Works for all hair types. Eliminates or reduces frizz, leaves hair shiny and more manageable. Cuts Styling time. Lasts for up to 12 weeks. I find that clients just need it twice per year, just so their hair is more manageable. It's recommended that, if you color your hair, its done before the BB, or after 2 weeks from the BB treatment.
All over Bleach and Tone w/olaplex
bleach, tone and olaplex
All Over Bleach & Tone w/Olaplex & Haircut
Roots-Bleach and Tone w/olaplex
Bleach tone and Olapex
Roots Bleach & Tone w/Olaplex and Haircut
Root Smudge and Tone
Blended in grown out highlights toned down blonde with Olaplex
Bang or Neck Trim
a quick trim of your bangs or a clean up of your neck line. Complimentary to my clients.
Kids (ages 1-10) Haircut
haircut, no wash
Kids (Ages 11-15) Haircut
haircut no wash
Color Correction w/Olaplex
Pulling out all the stops for this service to get your hair going in the right direction. Olapex is used the whole way through to protect the hair and help repair it. Please schedule a consultation or text me before booking this appointment and I can help in deciding if this is the right service for you. At $85 per hour, I block 3 hours initially. *Consultation required (complimentary)
Please book a consultation or text me if you are not sure what to book, and/or if you have had artificial color in your hair in the last 3 years and I can help guide your decision.
Wash and blow-out style. *a great service idea for booking 1 day before your wedding!
Style/Event hair
Creative styles for your special event! Braids, up styles, curls etc. please book a Blow-out as well, if you would like your hair washed and prepped before the style.
Olaplex + Hydrating Mask + Haircut
Olaplex repairs your hair (its a bond builder) and the Hydration mask adds moisture in your hair without weighing it down. Moisture adds shine, reduces frizz and makes hair softer. The haircut is the icing on the cake! This is a super hair combo!
Wedding hair
Please contact for pricing quote. Online menu coming soon.
Add on fashion colors
After Balayage, add some fashion colors that suit the tonality if your blonde.
Hair extensions consultation

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