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Our Services

Initial Consult- Crystal healing Session
This is where we begin. Before you can have any other Crystal Healing Session, we first have our consultation and then proceed to your energy session.
45 Minute Crystal Energy Session
60 Minute Crystal Energy Session
Follow on session on prepaid package
Use this option to schedule next appointment for purchased package.
One Energy TechniqueTM
This service is an energy modality like never before. Channeled through an ancient portal, you will be connected to The One Energy as well as an activation of your Seven Main Chakras. You are essentially rebuilt to be attuned to this high vibrational energy that is forever connected with you, to adapt to your needs and help you on your spiritual path. Before we begin we will have a 30 minute spiritual assessment to help set an intention for this session and answer any questions you may have before we begin.
OET Boost (must first have had the One Energy Technique)
This is only for those who have had the One Energy Technique. These Boosts are upgrades that you recieve as you have had time to acclimate to using the One Energy in your life. Recommended to wait 4weeks in between each of these sessions. We will begin with a Spiritual assessment to see where you are, and address any concerns or questions.
One Energy TechniqueTM package 1
This package includes, OET session and two Boost 4-6 weeks from OET, plus 2 30 minute follow ups.
One Energy TechniqueTM Package 2
Package includes your OET and 6 Boosts, 4-6 weeks apart, plus 6 30 minute follow up assessments.
The Sacred Art Of You- Crystal Healing and Energy Work
This is a month long on going modality. You are scheduling our first meeting. The Sacred Art Of You came forth with a one on one course built around it. The creation of this course has become a major step in how I have evolved as an energy worker and healer. Seeing how all blocks are created from within us, this course is designed to illuminate the light with in that shines in all corners of us, showing us we have all the tools with in us to break down those blocks and work through life's challenges in a more fluid motion. The Crystal Healing Course includes kit with crystals, workbook and tools that we will be using during our time together. We will meet via Zoom meeting platform for our class time together.
Spiritual Assessment
Spiritual Assessment
3 Boost Bundle
For those who have had the OAT, save with purchasing a Boost Bundle. This Bundle is for 3 Boosts and 30 minute Assessments with each one. Choose this to purchase 3 Boosts at a discounted price, $138.33 each.
6 Boost Bundle
For those who have had the One Ascension TechniqueTM, you have the opportunity to save by purchasing your Boosts in Bundles. This package is for 6 Boosts and 30 minute Spiritual Assessments with each one. Choose this bundle to purchase 6 Boosts at a discounted price, $129.16
Sacred Art of You- One on one course class 2
Class 2 includes The One Ascension Technique, 1 Boost and month long guidance with the One Energy. All materials included. Includes 6 meetings Via Zoom Meeting platform, where you will experience coaching and guidance tailored specifically to you.
90 Minute Crystal Energy Session
Spiritual Assessment

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