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Lice Removal and Treatment
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Our Services

Full Treatment
Full Lice Treatment. We do all the work. When you leave you are lice and nit free. Includes Heat Treatment, Oil Treatment, and Comb-out. 30 day Guarantee
Head Check
Check to confirm lice.
Boys Head Check
Check to confirm lice.
30 Day Head Recheck
Free recheck within 30 days of receiving a heat treatment.
Heat Treatment No Comb Out
Express Lice Treatment. When you leave the lice and nits are dead. Includes Heat Treatment and Oil Treatment. 30 day Guarantee
Comb Out 1/2 hour
30 minute Comb Out with Oil
Comb out 45 minutes
Comb out for 45 minutes and oil.
Comb out 1 hour
Comb out 1 hour and oil.

Our Staff