Integrated Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy

A custom massage for every need. Learn more at Please note: Our location pin on this map is incorrect and can't be edited. Please view our location on Google maps or our website.
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Our Services

Custom Massage 60 min (Call for more availability)
This 60 minute massage includes any modality that we offer such as, deep tissue, swedish, ashiatsu barefoot massage, lomilomi, or aromatherapy. Custom massage is considered a wellness therapy and is not covered by health insurance. Base price + GE Tax.
Custom Massage 90 min
This massage includes any modality that we offer such as lomilomi, deep tissue, NMT, swedish, ashiatsu barefoot massage, etc. This is a wellness service and is not eligible for coverage by health insurance.
Hot Stone and Bamboo Massage (Full set)
A 60-minute massage using a full set of luxurious hot stones and heated bamboo massage tools. Price includes GE tax.
The Creative Abundance Massage (for women TTC)
An indigenous massage session that supports the well-being of women who are trying to conceive. The price includes a complete massage session, charting instruction, and a self-care consultation. Please read the fine print on my website. This massage is for relaxation and well-being.
Custom Massage 40 min
This 40-minute service is part of our community wellness program. We are committed to making massage therapy accessible to the public. Call for more availability. Price includes GE tax.
Traditional Shiatsu (fully clothed)
This 60-minute massage used traditional Japanese shiatsu techniques combined with other Eastern modalities. Please wear cotton or athletic clothing that covers your body completely and allows for stretching and full range of motion. Your massage will be performed fully clothed on a futon. Price includes GE tax.

Our Staff

Sonia Beauchamp
Sonia Beauchamp (the Haleiwa Massage Muse) is the owner of Integrated Massage and has been a massage therapist since 1999.